12-001-CE1 (Black Triangle and Men in Black)


Synopsis: On 14 Oct 08, at approximately 2230 hours, two witnesses were standing outside of their hotel and saw a large triangular UFO with three white lights on all three sides and a pulsing red light in the middle of the craft. The UFO flew East to West until it was completely out of sight. Several weeks later, according to three other witnesses, two unidentified Men in Black visited the same hotel looking for the two witnesses who saw the UFO. Although the two witnesses were not at the hotel at the time, the Men in Black harassed the hotel staff for approximately 30 minutes. The MIB then left the hotel and never returned.

Evidence Submitted: Surveillance footage of the Men in Black

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as a CE1, a Close Encounter of a UFO within 500 feet.

Investigation and Findings: The investigators interviewed all of the witness multiple times and where judged to be reliable and there was no evidence at the time to suggest the contrary.   Moreover, there were numerous UFO reports regarding this type of UFO sighting along the US and Canadian border, specifically during much of 2008 in the Niagara Falls area.  Many of these UFO reports were of a black triangle craft with three bright lights on its edges and a pulsing red light in the middle. Since there have been collaborative sightings and reports of the same UFO, the investigators concluded the witnesses did see an actual unknown aerial object.  However, there was no physical proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, to suggest the black triangle was of extraterrestrial origin. Furthermore, regarding the Men in Black account, the investigators conducted multiple telephonic interviews with the witnesses working at the hotel who personally spoke with the Men in Black.  The first-hand account testimony of these witnesses collaborates the Men in Black story related by the primary witness of this investigation. However, there was no proof to conclude whether or not the Men in Black were associated with the UFO report or for that matter if the event was hoaxed.

Object Details: Unidentified.

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