12-004-FB1 (Baltimore, MD)


Synopsis: On 31 Dec 11, at 2345 hours, three separate witnesses were celebrating the New Year’s Eve in downtown Baltimore, MD. While smoking cigarettes outside in the yard, the witnesses saw three orange lights in the sky shaped in a pyramid. The three lights slowly rotated clockwise, paused briefly and started rotating counterclockwise. The lights split off and descended into the distance in three separate directions.

Evidence Submitted: A photo of the three orange orbs and video footage taken from a handheld camcorder.

Initial Action: This UFO investigation was opened as an FB1, a fly-by of a UFO that traveled in a straight line across the sky. Given that the event occurred only several minutes before New Years Eve, and the event occurred in a large city, the initial indication was that the three lights were some type of celebratory fireworks or Chinese lanterns.

Investigation and Findings:  The investigators traveled to Baltimore, MD and interviewed the three witnesses. The witnesses seemed sincere and appeared to be truthful. One of the witnesses described the orbs as if there was “a lit flame flickering within the orbs”. During the investigation, the investigators traveled to the area where the three orbs disappeared, but found no ground traces to suggest the orbs were fireworks. A weather analysis for the time and date the orbs were sighted indicated the wind was blowing in the same direction the orbs traveled. Given the description of the orbs, the direction they traveled, the fact it was New Years Eve, and the orbs lowly “turned off” the investigators concluded the objects were some type of celebratory Chinese lanterns.

Object Details: Chinese lanterns.

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