12-025-MA1 (Australia)


Synopsis: On 14 Apr 09, at 2000 hours, the witness claimed to have seen a red and white glowing orb about the size of a small aircraft 600 meters in the sky.  The witness stated the night sky was clear and there was nothing else in the sky.  The witness further claimed the object was stationary, changed in size from small to large and back to small.  The witness, moreover, stated the object made no sound.  The witness claimed the event lasted about 15 minutes ending with the object flying upward in a flash leaving a thin streak of light.

Evidence Submitted: A photo of the UFO.

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as an MA1 – A visual sighting of a UFO that travels in a discontinuous trajectory, such as loops, quick turns, or vast changes in altitude. Initial report indicated a possible natural phenomena such meteor or ball lighting.

Investigation and Findings: The investigators contacted the witness of this investigation and learned the date of the event was in 2009 and not 2012, as initially reported by the witness. The witness, moreover, was confused about the weather observed the night of the sighting and could not recall if the night was clear or not. Historical weather research for the date, location, and time conflicted with the witness’ account. The investigation was closed due to witness credibility and inconsistent reporting from the witness.

Object Details: Unidentified

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