12-032-FB1 (Lawrence, KS)


Synopsis: On 21 Aug 11, at approximately 1730 hours, the witness of this investigation was driving home from work and spotted a solid black object hovering in the sky. The unidentified object, according to the witness, must have been 500 feet up in the sky. The witness watched the unidentified object hover stationary for at least 30 seconds. The witness, however, turned away for a brief moment only to notice the unidentified object was gone.

Evidence Submitted: A computer-rendered sketch of the UFO.

Initial Action: This UFO investigation was opened as an FB1, a fly-by of a UFO that traveled in a straight line across the sky.

Investigation and Findings:  The investigator interviewed the witness of this investigation and was found to be sincere and truthful. However, several indices checks on open-source websites, in particular MUFON/NUFORC, provided no information regarding this sighting. The investigator, moreover, could not find relevant information (UFO reporting data, weather, military activity reports, defense contractor activities, NASA or other space flight activities, etc.) to identify the object. The investigation, therefore, was closed as unresolved and unidentified.

Object Details: Unidentified.

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Interim Director Aerial Phenomenon Investigations
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