12-045-CE3 (North Port, FL)


Synopsis: On 30 Jan 11, at 2200 hours, the witness of this investigation felt a usual weight on the bed. Since the witness’ dog likes to sleep on the bed, the witness assumed that accounted for the weight. However, when the witness called the dog’s name there was no response. The witness became instantly fearful and quickly realized that whatever was on the bed it wasn’t the dog after all. The witness grabbed a cell phone and quickly snapped a picture of an alien entity under the blanket. The next thing the witness remembered was sitting in the living room looking at the picture on the cell phone. The witness could not remember moving from the bedroom to the living room.

Evidence Submitted: A photo of an alleged extraterrestrial.

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as a CE3 – a visual sighting of an extraterrestrial entity. Initial analysis of the photo proved inconclusive.

Investigation and Findings: The investigators made several attempts to interview the witness regarding the photo and to obtain a copy of the original photo for analysis. The witness, however, provided multiple excuses on why the information was not provided to the investigators and soon cut contact with the investigators. Additional indices checks, moreover, indicated the witness attempted to gain media attention regarding the incident. Given that the witness would not provide the original photo for analysis, and attempted to gain media attention, the investigation was closed as unidentified but likely a hoax.

Object Details: Unidentified and leaning towards a hoax.

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