12-055-MA4 (Richmond, VA)


Synopsis: On 6 Aug 12, at 1900 hours, the witness of this investigation was outside on a balcony and noticed a cloud shaped “like a flying saucer”. The witness, who submitted several photos of these “cloudships”, also reported extraterrestrials were trying to warn [the witness] of “Earth’s impeding doom”.

Evidence Submitted: 12 photos of various Cloud-Ship UFOs.

aInitial Action: This UFO investigation was opened as an MA4 – UFO activity, such as maneuvers, accompanied by a change in the observer’s perception of reality. A preliminary analysis of the photo indicated the UFO was more than likely a type of cloud.

Investigation and Findings:  During the initial witness interview the investigator noticed the witness displayed signs of pareidolia and insisted the extraterrestrials where “trying to hide their spaceships by camouflaging themselves as clouds”. Several follow-up interviews with the witness further indicated a deep belief that an “extraterrestrial invasion was imminent”. However, an analysis of historical weather for the Richmond, VA area, specifically during the date and time the photo was captured, indicated overcast with occasional showers. It is more than likely, therefore, that the witness took a photo of a Cumulus Humilis cloud.

Object Details: The Cumulus Humilis cloud is a low altitude cloud that can take many shapes and forms. It is a heap cloud with flat basis in the middle or lower level, whose vertical development appears like a tower. These types of clouds indicate instability to the layering of air with appropriate convection or turbulence.

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