12-077-CE1 (Newcastle, England)


Synopsis: The witness of this investigation claimed that while walking home he was approach by a very tall “Man in Black”. According to the witness, the Man in Black was wearing all black, had a very pale face, his entire eyes were black, and wore strange buttons on his coat. The Man in Black spoke softly and asked about the witness’ family and if he could talk to the witness’ twin brother. The witness told the Man in Black he had no twin brother and left. A few days later, the witness saw the same Man in Black wandering around the witness’ work location.

Evidence Submitted: A Photo of the UFO

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as an AN4 – interaction of the witness with occupants or entities. Initial indices checks on the witness indicated a hoax.

Investigation and Findings: After several emails and interviews with the witness, the investigators learned that the alleged Man in Black was nothing more than a case of mistaken identity. At the time of the encounter, the witness believed the strange man’s behavior was “spooky” and that the clothing the Man in Black was wearing was unusual. The witness, however, after reflecting back to the incident later believed the man was just “a weirdo” and more than likely not associated with extraterrestrials or UFO phenomena.

Object Details: Mistaken Identify and Paranoia

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