13-066-AN1 (Arizona City, AZ)


Synopsis: On 10 Jan 13, at 0800, witness was driving near Arizona City, AZ when he noticed a strange object in the horizon. The witness then used a camera to take a photo of an object that appeared in the shape of a classic “flying saucer”.

Evidence Submitted: Photo

Initial Action: Case opened as an AN1.

Investigation and Findings:  Investigation complete. There was no indication on anything in this case but a perfect example of a lenticular cloud formation. There were no other objects or odd cloud sightings reported by UFO reporting databases from others in that area during that time frame. The “metallic” appearance mentioned by the WITNESS actually appears to just be the sun glinting off the cloud prominently. With no other evidence to the contrary, Investigator is confident closing this case as “Solved: Identified as classic lenticular cloud formation.”

Object Details: A lenticular cloud.


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Interim Director Aerial Phenomenon Investigations
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