13-109-FB1 (Patterson, KS)

Date of Sighting: late Oct early Nov 1971

Time of Sighting: approx 3 am

Duration of Event: seconds

Location of UFO: Patterson,Ks Alfafa field

Shape of Object: Sphere

UFO Report: I worked 3rd shift for a hay cutting company in Mt Hope Kansas 6pm to 6am . We were on our final rounds for the year I was the only cutter and there was 1 truck driver my trailer was full and I turned off my rig to wait on the truck driver to empty my trailer so I could proceed cutting. I knew it would be 30 minutes or longer before he showed up so I made myself comfortable on the stroud of my Case tractor the stroud extended from the cab and angled toward the ground was a great place to stretch out and stay warm propped up against the exhaust. I was facing south looking up at the stars when an object appeared in the sky just above the horizon it was extremely bright white and coming directly toward me it came at an incredible speed over my head I turned to follow it as it disappeared going north. The only sound I heard [and it was quite outside] was a swoosh. I could not determine the altitude or size of the thing the speed was almost like a bullet there was no tail on it and it brightness never wavered . The interesting thing was the next few days the media started mentioning the UFO that had landed in Delphi,Ks in a farmers feedlot that town is almost directly North of where I was cutting it is my opinion that this is what I witnessed. This case left trace evidence that has never been explained Whatever it was in 1971 I can only claim IT WASNT MADE IN KANSAS

Evidence Submitted: None

Initial Action: Case opened as an FB1.

Investigation and Findings:  Historical case only.

Object Details: Unresolved


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