13-116-AN1 (Deerfield, MA)


Date of Sighting: Late September

Time of Sighting: night time, around 11:pm

Duration of Event: we followed it for about 20 mins

Location of UFO: Deerfield, Ma

Shape of Object: Other (Explain Below)

UFO Report: it was wide at the front and had lights on the front, it was using 2 of the lights as spotlights and was moving then all around. when we first saw it was about 20 feet off the ground. it also i would sap pointed at the back like a tail or something it was also night time so I couldn’t get a good look at it.

Initial Action: Case was recently opened as an AN-1

Investigation and Findings: TBD

Object Details: Unresolved

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Interim Director Aerial Phenomenon Investigations
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