13-118-AN1 (Milwaukee, WI)

Date of Sighting: 06/15/2013

Time of Sighting: 11:00-11:30AM

Duration of Event: About 5-10 Minutes that I watched it. Was there before I got there.

Location of UFO: Near Silver Spring Dr and North Lovers Lane over wooded park-way on Silver Spring Dr Milwaukee, WI 53225

Shape of Object: Balloon

UFO Report: I was coming home walking west up Silver Spring Dr,  got halfway home in front of wooded area Little Menomonee Park-way on Silver Spring Dr when I looked up and seen a large dark gold metallic object over the parkway side. I felt shocked at first and even walked as fast as I could towards it too get a good look. I looked for other people so I could ask what is that, but very few walk up that street during that time of day. I looked at the traffic to see if anyone was stopping to look there was traffic going west, but no one noticed it or they just didn’t care. I seen one when I was a child, but this one was a differant type of craft the one in my childhood popped from one side to another in the sky and was amazing I have that one on my mind ever since then over 40 years ago, and never forget it still trying to remember every detail. Also when I was a teenager I seen UFO’s being followed by jets in Muskego Park in Wisconsin not alone that time there was a group of us in that park drinking and not supposed to even be there we all witnessed something awesome the buzz from the beer had already wore off I wasn’t the first one to see them a boy from my school spotted it we all got together and watched in amazement there was 6to 8 in the night sky looked like stars at first until they flew all over the place and then either jets or something was chasing them away. One of the guys did report it to the airport never forgot that one either. But this time I am an adult saying out loud what are the chances of this again within my lifetime so I watched closely it looked at first like a mylar balloon, but it was a day with no wind at all I became aware while watching it was like it was just painted on the sky stood still not moving at all. Did not see any like windows or landing gear or anything at all . Was thinking it can’t be a balloon it was under a cloud and it was like big I taught if it came down it would be at least if not larger the size of a house. I wanted to wave at it like hello, but I was thinking it might think I’m doing something to harm it. It stayed there for a long time I had to go because I was bringing home food in my little granny cart and i had to get it home it was a warm day. When I walked away I kept watching as I walked and it suddenly started flying like a plane heading southeast still no wind at all. When I walked farther I taught I should still see it on the other side of the woods, it was gone. I went home told my 26yr old son what happened he said sit down you have been in the sun to long didn’t believe any of it just like my cousin when I was a child trying to tell him too he said don’t ever tell anyone else they will think your crazy. Well I could care less what anyone thinks now because I’m not closed minded like most people are. I know its real and think the goverment has always known maybe just can’t take the chance of letting the world know because closed minded people would not be able to handle such a thing and our world is already out of control in so many ways. I know that this isn’t a recent sighting just wanted to finally tell someone who won’t judge me a being silly for telling them what I know is true. Any way to make a long story even longer I had seen a UFO on You Tube recently this is now 5 months since I seen it and I seen it on there and it looks just like it.  Also I went to Google when that sighting happened and reported it on some site and found someone else  from Menomonee Falls and one other person southeast of here who also seen it. So I’m not alone in my crazyness. Just taught about the way that thing was up there overlooking our traffic and then seen me pushing a cart full of food maybe taking pictures of me to take to there world to show there kind this is what those ET’s on the blue planet do, kinda funny!!! Well I take my video camera with me now, but the chances of seeing that again may not happen again still kicking myself because it would have been a great one. Never seen that coming, but glad I did it’s like they came to say you were right all these years about what you experienced as a child because as an adult I know it’s true.

Evidence Submitted: None

Initial Action: Case assigned as an AN1.

Investigation and Findings: Information Only

Object Details: Unresolved

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