13-123-AN1 (Onancock, Va)

Date of Sighting: 1980s

Time of Sighting: 5-6PM

Duration of Event: Unknown

Location of UFO: Onancock, Va

Shape of Object: Black Triangle

UFO Report: I saw a black triangle many years ago in Onancock, Va. It was sometime in the late 1980’s between 5:00 & 6:00pm after dark, so it had to be in the winter months. Wife needed something from the store to complete dinner so I headed to the grocery store about 3/4 mile away to grab whatever it was. I turned north off our street heading to a T where I would turn right (east). The night was cool and cloudless. I turned off our street and had gone several hundred yards when a headlight shined in my eyes at the end of the street where I was to turn right. Only thing was the headlight was in the sky! Thought that was strange. As I kept on that road the light was finally out of my eyes but still visible. I turned right and headed to the store about 3 tenths of a mile on the left. I turned into the parking lot and when I got out I looked left up in the sky and there was this gigantic triangle blocking out the stars. It was hovering over the residential section, making no noise and had a light on each point of the triangle. As I stood there, it seemed to be moving south, just creeping or floating about 4 or 5 mph. It was probably no more than a thousand feet off the ground. I would guess it was as large as the average NFL football stadium, not the same shape of course. Knowing my wife needed the ingredient to complete dinner, I rushed inside. After making the purchase, I went back to my truck and looked over to see the triangle. It was gone. Never saw it again. If the light hadn’t hit me in the eye, I’m sure I would never have noticed it at all.

Evidence Submitted: None

Investigation Opened? No. Information Only

Case Status: Unresolved.

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