13-124-AN1 (Cramlington England)

Date of Sighting: July Aug 2010

Time of Sighting: Around 9-9:30 ish

Duration of Event: 6-7 seconds

Location of UFO: Cramlington England

Shape of Object: Orb

UFO Report: In 2010 July or August I seen something i’ll NEVER EVER Forget, I had my dog out and the sky was as clear and beautiful as anything I’d been out for about 30-40 mins and I was standing for Ages looking up at the stars they were looking amazing not a cloud in the sky I seen something travelling at high speed with no sound and Height it was looked the height of the stars and was so so high so the size of a star but just a little bigger is exactly what I seen and If it was a plane it wouldn’t be that bright plus it DEFINITELY WOULD NOT BE ONE BRIGHT LIGHT!!!!! also would take a hell of a lot longer to travel at that Height that it was a with the speed it was travelling! It was also not possible for it to change angle like it done and no human would have survived changing angles From what I witnessed it is not possible .

Evidence Submitted: None

Investigative Status: Case assigned to UK investigator

About Director

Interim Director Aerial Phenomenon Investigations
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