13-125-AN1 (Canada)

2013-09-30 02.35.21

Date of Sighting: Jul 2013

Time of Sighting: Unk

Duration of Event: Unk

Location of UFO: Calgary Alberta

Shape of Object: Rods

UFO Report: This was taken in July 2013, I was taken a picture of my family an I didn’t notice those things floating around at the time. Oh ya this was in tsuu tina a reservation outside Calgary Alberta.

Evidence Submitted: Photo

Investigative Status: Closed

Object Details: In cryptozoology and outdoor photography, rods (sometimes known as “skyfish” or “solar entities”) are elongated artifacts produced by cameras that inadvertently capture several of a flying insect’s wingbeats. Videos of rod-shaped objects moving quickly through the air were claimed by some to be extraterrestrial life forms or small UFOs, but subsequent experiments showed that these rods appear in film because of an optical illusion/collusion in interlaced video recording.

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Interim Director Aerial Phenomenon Investigations
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