13-130-AN1 (Portugal)


Date of Sighting: 02/09/2013

Time of Sighting: 1 second

Duration of Event: 1 second

Location of UFO:  Represa (neer), Castelo Branco, Portugal

Shape of Object: Balloon

UFO Report: I was in the car back from holidays. It was at night and when I was looking at the other side of the window, to the dark sky, I suddenly saw a thing, bigger than a “shooting” star, and it pass very quickly, for about 1 second. When that phenomenon over, I couldn´t stop thinking what it would be … If everyone have an explanation for this phenomenon

Evidence Submitted: Photo

Investigative Status: Information Only. API does not investigate anonymous reports.

Object Details: Unresolved

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Interim Director Aerial Phenomenon Investigations
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