14-006-CE3 (Scottland)

Date of Sighting: 2011

Time of Sighting: Unk

Duration of Event: Unk

Location of UFO: NA

Shape of Object: NA

UFO Report: I know you believe in aliens.. If I will tell that to someone of my family or friends they will probably think that im crazy… I’m from Poland but I came to live in Scotland with my parents (they are here 10 years) I also have 2 kids. But first summer in Scotland was different then others.. It was in 2011, and that night we were drinking with my parents and their friends… I was drunk but not bad drunk I was just happy drunk 😉 but when I went to bed with my kids…. Something weird happened… I wake up in the middle of the night and I saw alien on bed next to me… It is crazy… Maybe I drink too much… But it was so real… I cannot forget that night… He was in place that my daughter was sleeping, and he was blue and really nice …. First I was afraid but he told me … We were talking without open my mouth, like in my mind… So he told me that my daughter will be fine I dont need to worry, and I can fall asleep again. It was so weird and i was feel like i can trust him… It sounds crazy!!! But i must tell someone about it!!! I fall asleep after his words and when i wake up in the morning my daughter was next to me. But i just can’t forget about it… It was just sooooo real… And i still remember that light blue skin… Big dark eyes… And really long skinny arms and fingers… It was so real, but im not sure.. Maybe it was just a dream… I dont want you to contact with me, or something, im just happy that i could tell that to someone.

Evidence Submitted: None

Case Disposition: Information Only. Investigation not Warranted.

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