14-011-FB1 (Ohio)

Remain Anonymous: Yes

Field Investigation Requested: No

Date of Sighting: 05/21/2012

Time of Sighting: 340 PM

Duration of Event: 2min. approx.

Location of UFO: Warren,Ohio Trumbul County

Shape of Object: Cigar

UFO Report: I was watching a passenger jet flying from the NE going SW. Then I saw the front of what appeared to another jet flying on a intercept course, at the time I could only make out the front of the craft. Thought they were going to collide. I blinked because I didn’t want to see the planes collide. When I looked again the is was not a plane, a very long cigar shape ufo. The passenger jet did not change his flight path at any time while I was watching. The ufo did not have any wings , no sound, no vapor trail. I could see wingtip to wingtip of the jet, the ufo is 3times bigger then the jet.By now I can see the hole thing. Metallic in appearance, as it flew off to the NW. I reported to MUFON on 5/23/2012 Day after report to MUFON. I watched a Lear Jet fly from the south very low in sky very loud whining noise to these jets. Flew over house and turned to the NW same flight path as the ufo, within the hour 4 black attack helicopters flying from the west, turned NW same flight path as ufo. I could see no marking on helicopters and they were flying very low. Later that evening after dark. I watched another large military black jet coming from the south, he went afterburners over my house. very loud wings were sweeping back could see the flames coming out of the 2 jet engines of the jet. Flew the same flight path as the ufo. To this day I cannot find the military jet that I saw. Squared back 2 jet engines. Unknown if it is a fighter or interceptor.

Evidence Submitted: None

Disposition: Information Only

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Interim Director Aerial Phenomenon Investigations
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