14-021-AN1 (New York, NY)


Remain Anonymous: No

Field Investigation Requested: Yes

Date of Sighting: October 13, 2010

Time of Sighting: 2pm

Duration of Event: Unknown

Location of UFO: New York, NY

Shape of Object: Other

UFO Report:  The sighting started at around 9am on October 13, 2010, the sky was sunny, clear no clouds in the sky. My wife was walking our children to school and as she crossed 23rd Street and 8th Avenue in Chelsea she noticed a few people standing at the corner staring and pointing into the sky. At around 2 pm she went back to pick the kids up from school and noticed a larger crowd staring and pointing in the sky saying look at the UFOs. She then called me and told me what was happening and I ran home and got my video camera and went down to 23rd Street and 8th Avenue. When I got there there was a large crowd around 40-60 people standing around, also there were news trucks from ABC news 7 and NY1 news. What i saw was a large object that was stationary and fading in and out and there were multiple shiny orb shaped objects that were flying by also fading in and out. I was unable to capture the objects on video at 23rd Street and 8th Avenue, so I started to walk towards 24th street and as I looked north east (towards the Empire State Building) i noticed a very bright silver orb and it was flying low it was bobbing up and down and wobbling. It stopped for a few seconds and hovered then shot straight up. I was able to take a video for a few seconds. I did not think i got anything but when i slowed it down you can see the orb flying then when i zoom in a little you can see that the object is triangle shaped. During the sighting there were people saying that they saw a military jet fly over at Hi altitude . Also at around 6:30pm all planes were diverted in the area due to a gas leak at the Regional  Air traffic control center in Westbury , New York that controls the 3 major airports Newark Liberty, LaQuardia and John F. Kennedy Airport was closed for hour

Evidence Submitted: Photo and video

Case Disposition: Assigned

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Interim Director Aerial Phenomenon Investigations
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