12-092-AN1 (Willowick, Ohio)


Synopsis: On 08 Aug 2011, at 2300 hours, WITNESS was enjoying a campfire with her family, about a mile and half south of the lakeshore in Willowick, Ohio.  Gazing up at the stars, WITNESS saw what she thought was plane, but noticed an additional object flying with it, below, and to the side.  WITNESS later checked to see if it might have been the ISS or satellites over the area at the time, but found no reports of it.  WITNESS was with other family members who saw the same objects: her husband, her sister, and her sister’s boyfriend.  Her aunt, who was not a witness but heard the story from WITNESS, suggested it may have been an aerial re-fueling mission.  In a subsequent e-mail, WITNESS stated that the objects were above Lake Erie, and headed West/Northwest at commercial plane height, but not so high as to leave a vapor trail.  The lights did not blink.  The one on top was larger.  WITNESS remembered that they couldn’t make out anything around the lights, even using binoculars.  They saw no craft, just the 2 lights, which did not alter course, had no sudden movements across the sky, but were moving in a very smooth, steady path.

Evidence Submitted: Rendering/sketch.

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as an AN1, an anomaly that left no lasting physical effects, such as lights in the sky and similar phenomena.

Investigation and Findings:  API contacted WITNESS multiple times via e-mail and conducted a telephonic interview to better determine exactly what WITNESS saw and when WITNESS made the observation.  WITNESS consulted with her husband and they both concluded the sighting was most probably on a Saturday evening in 2009, either late August or early September, making the possible dates August 22 or 29, or September 5 or 12, 2009.  WITNESS in a later e-mail said her husband thought the lower, smaller object was dangling from the larger one on top and that it seemed as if there was something stiff or steady connecting them.  One object was lower and off the northern side of the larger object, not directly below it.  With this input, Investigator researched aerial refueling and sent WITNESS numerous examples from YouTube of aerial in-flight refueling clips.  However, WITNESS related in the follow-up e-mail that she was mistaken in seeing something connecting the two, relating that she didn’t actually see anything physical connecting the two lights, but for some reason thought that’s what they all saw—two separate objects flying at slightly different altitudes and in perfect synch.  WITNESS then e-mailed a YouTube clip of what most closely resembled what they observed.  It was a video clip of a UFO taken over Lake Erie in 2009.  Investigator did find numerous accounts of unidentified flying objects over the Lake Erie area during the 2009 time-frame that seem to match was WITNESS observed.  The lights did maintain a perfect distance and appear to be on object with two lights.  With no further input at this point in the investigation, what WITNESS saw is Undetermined.

Inaccuracy in the recall of WITNESS made it difficult to determine exactly what WITNESS observed and the date of the sighting.  Additionally, the weather conditions at the time of sighting could not be confirmed.  At first, the observation of a connecting apparatus between the two objects lead Investigator to think WITNESS may have observed an aerial in-flight refueling mission.  However, in subsequent e-mails WITNESS withdrew from that accounting.  Investigator conducted a telephone interview with WITNESS on 12/12/2012 and felt WITNESS was honest and forthcoming, doing her best to recount what she remembered seeing.  Investigator asked WITNESS if she had ever seen Chinese Lanterns in the skies and she said she had, adding that what they saw was NOT that.

Investigator did find numerous reports of anomalous unidentified objects—very similar to this case—over Lake Erie during the time-frame before, during, and after those of this WITNESS.  There has been a (and is, apparently, on-going) UFO flap over Lake Erie with multiple video recordings of these objects on YouTube and other UFO database reporting sites.  WITNESS stated she did not know this and had not heard of sightings in her area until she began to look at YouTube videos in hopes of showing Investigator a match with her sighting.  It is quite possible this WITNESS saw exactly what these others saw, and continue to see.  Research has shown that different reporters from various news organizations in the area have contacted the FAA and near-by military installations inquiring if they have information on the origin of these craft.  None thus far have reported a knowledge or affiliation with the objects in question.  They remain unidentified.  Barring any other solid input, Investigator is unable to determine what WITNESS observed.  Case is closed as Unidentified.

Object Details: Closed as unidentified.

13-008-AN1 (Baltimore, MD)


Synopsis: On 19 Jan 2013, at 1930 hours, the witness of this investigation was on her balcony smoking a cigarette when she noticed a red/orange orb flying over her home. The red/orange orb was about the size of a golfball and appeared to flying in a straight path over her home (direction, azimuth and altitude unknown).

Evidence Submitted: Original photo and video.

Initial Action: Case opened as an AN1.

Investigation and Findings:  Case was opened on 20 Jan 2013; Numerous attempts to contact the witness failed, therefore the case was closed as unresolved.

Object Details: Unresolved Case.

12-085-FB1 (San Francisco, CA)


Synopsis: According to the witness, on 07 Oct 2012 at 1500 hours, he took a photo of a UFO hovering near San Francisco, CA.

Evidence Submitted: Original photos.

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as a FBI, a fly-by of a UFO that traveled in a straight line across the sky.

Investigation and Findings:  This UFO case was closed due to lack of information.

Object Details: Unresolved.

12-086-FB1 (Hoboken, NJ)


Synopsis: According to the witness, he was outside his home in Hoboken, NJ and spotted a UFO in the sky. The witness used a Canon DSLR camera to take several photos of the UFO. Note, investigation still open. Details, including date and time, were not provided to API.

Evidence Submitted: Original photos.

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as a FBI, a fly-by of a UFO that traveled in a straight line across the sky.

Investigation and Findings:  Case closed prematurely; lackluster witness cooperation.

Object Details: Unresolved.

12-089-AN1 (Baltimore, MD)


Synopsis: According to the witness, at 1845 hours on of 21 Nov 12, he was outside his home and saw an object in the sky that made him curious. The witness used his camcorder to zoom in on the object and, according to him, captured a “plasma UFO” on camera.

Evidence Submitted: Original video.

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as a AN1, an anomaly that left no lasting physical effects, such as lights in the sky and similar phenomena.

Investigation and Findings:  The investigator interviewed the witness of this investigation (three times) and was deemed sincere and credible. An analysis of the celestial map the witness observed on 21 Nov 12; and an analysis of the witness’s video indicated a celestial object in/out of focus. On 24 Nov 12, at 1845 hours, API conducted an on-site investigation and observed the celestial object the witness reported. Investigators used a Canon 60D DSLR with a 70-300 mm telephoto lens and recorded several stars, including the star Menkalinan. When the camera’s optics attempted to focus on the Menkalinan, the star came in/out of focus giving them the appearance that it was a glowing orb; the red, blue, and purple colors, which the witness believed was plasma, is a natural phenomena called atmospheric scintillation. On 01 Dec 12, the investigator met with the witness and agreed the object was the star Menkalinan.

Object Details: The star Menkalinan in/out of focus combined with atmospheric scintillation. Menkalinan is a class A star with a temperature of 9200 K, not very different from Vega or Sirius. From its distance of 82 light years, we calculate a luminosity of 95 times the Sun’s, somewhat brighter than a normal class A main sequence star should be.

12-083-AN1 (Miles City, MT)

Synopsis: WITNESS was driving east on Interstate 94, approximately 3-4 miles south of Miles City, Montana.  It was 18:30 (local mountain time) on Sunday, November 4, 2012 when WITNESS observed in the sky what appeared to be two blinking lights heading slightly different directions.  After 20-30 seconds of observation, WITNESS dismissed the lights as commercial aircraft at high altitude.  However, about 2 minutes later, WITNESS then looked slightly left outside his car window and noticed a very bright, light-blue light.  The light was traveling very quickly downward toward the ground at an angle between 5 to 20 degrees at a slight northeasterly direction (essentially towards the eastbound interstate upon which the WITNESS was driving) and then within 1-2 seconds, the object very fluidly and smoothly turned out of its steep dive, leveled off just parallel to the ground, and disappeared immediately after this maneuver.

Evidence Submitted: Original sketch.

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as a AN1.

Investigation and Findings: According to the WITNESS statement, Investigator determined the WITNESS was looking directly at the Frank Wiley Air Field just outside Miles City, incorporating a portion of Montana known as the Hayes Military Operations Area (MOA).  In fact, the Hayes MOA includes a large swath of northeastern Montana.  Further, Investigator found that in 2010, Montana State Sen. Ryan Zinke (R), a retired Navy Seal with experience deploying drones in Iraq, directed a project focused on bringing unmanned aerial systems to Montana.   Additional research confirmed that unmanned aerial systems are now deployed in the skies over Montana.   Investigator found a military Memorandum of Understanding identifying Miles City as the only Dispatch Center for the Hayes MOA in Montana.  Of special interest is the fact that the Miles City area has recently been designated as a military “Lights Out” Operations area.  In other words, aircraft and other aerial systems being tested will not necessarily have any aviation lights or even normal exterior aircraft lighting.

Investigator called and confirmed, with the Ellsworth AFB (Rapid City SD) Flight Scheduler, that Department of Homeland Security drones are being flown along the Canada/Montana border, but not in the Hayes MOA.  The Flight Scheduler also explained that these drones are incapable of flying in the manner described by WITNESS.  Although it is possible other unmanned aerial systems are being tested by the military/industrial complex, there is no proof this is taking place over the area the WITNESS reported his sighting.  So, even though unmanned aerial systems are deployed in the skies over Montana, the area they are officially allowed to operate does not include most of Montana—only the portion along the Canadian border.  If other unusual testing flights are taking place in the Miles City MOA, the Ellsworth AFB Flight Scheduler responsible for flight operations in that MOA claims no knowledge of it.

Investigator called the Miles City air port dispatcher, an employee of the Bureau of Land Management who operates the Frank Wiley field, and asked about flight operations in that area.  This air field does not have an Air Traffic Controller.  Rather, landing lights are activated by incoming pilots dialing up an automated frequency to initiate the runway lighting sequence.  However, according to the dispatcher, this lighting sequence does not approximate in any way what WITNESS observed.  Of interest though is the fact that the Air Field is situated on hills, following along the Yellowstone River, running adjacent to the Interstate.  According to the WITNESS, the object “disappeared” after its diving maneuver.  IF the object was operating around this air field, it may have merely been obscured by these hills.  Investigators conducted multiple interviews with the witness and was cleared as credible.

 Although a drone cannot approximate what the WITNESS observed, there are reports that the US Military/Industrial complex is testing plasma energy weaponry that could operate much as the WITNESS described.  A recent report details that the US Army is developing a weapon using dynamic pulse detonation (DPD), a short but intense laser pulse creating a ball of plasma   It is possible secret testing of a new plasma weapon is taking place in the Hayes MOA, but Investigator is unable to determine any reliable explanation for what WITNESS reported.  Case is closed as Undetermined.

Object Details: Unresolved.

12-088-AN1 (Jacksonville, NC)


Synopsis: According to the witness, at 1401 hours on of 27 Sep 12, he was on the beach taking photos. Later that day, while reviewing the photos he took, he noticed a strange black object on one of the photos. The witness submitted the case to MUFON, which was then sent to API for photo analysis.

Evidence Submitted: Original photo.

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as a AN1, a fly-by of a UFO traveling in a straight line across the sky. A preliminary analysis of the photo indicated a hoax.

Investigation and Findings:  Forensics and Error Level Analysis displayed substantial rainbowing, which indicated two things: software was used to manipulate the photo and the photo was not the original/raw photo from the camera. Moreover, all edges under ELA should have been white in color. For example, under ELA examination the life guard tower has white edges, which indicates the tower is real. The object’s edges, however, are purple. This indicates the object is not part of the original photo.

Object Details: Case closed as a hoax.

12-041-CE5 (Janesville, Wisconsin)

photo 2

Synopsis: According to the witness, on the morning of 02 June 1975, he was adducted by two aliens while riding his bicycle near Janesville, Wisconsin.

Evidence Submitted: Five photos of alleged wounds inflicted by aliens.

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as a CE5, an abducted witness that suffers from physical and psychological injuries.

Investigation and Findings: After a four-month investigation and several interviews with the witness, the was riding along a trail and saw an unidentified metallic cylinder craft standing upright with tripod landing gear. The craft also had a giant parabolic rectangular radar dish that was slowly rotating. When the witness approached the craft, he saw two aliens. The two aliens, however, did not look like the grays typically seen during a close encounter. According to the witness, these aliens looked similar to the creatures Travis Walton described years later in his abduction. The aliens, according to the witness, are described as “wrinkly light brown in color with very thin arms and legs and eyes that were a little bigger than the average humans but separated much farther on the face. They also had a very small mouth”. When the witness stopped to observe the craft and the two aliens, the witness claims “time” appeared to have stopped and that he “froze and could not move”.  At this point, one of the aliens saw the witness. The witness was then startled by a car horn and when he looked to his left he saw his mother in her car along the road. His mother said she was worried because he had been gone for over 8 hours, although only minutes had passed for the witness. Investigator Note: Initial cooperation with the witness provided additional information to this investigation; however, at times the witness would not participate in the investigation for several months – claiming he had been abducted by aliens, which accounted for his absence. As of early October 2012, the witness no longer responded to the investigators inquiries and the case was closed as unresolved.

Object Details: Case closed as unresolved.

12-079-AN1 (Biggs Junction, OR)


Synopsis: On the morning of 18 Oct 12, the witness of this investigation used a camera to take a photo of the sunrise. While reviewing the photo, the witness noticed a strange object in the photo. The witness provided the photo to API for analysis.

Evidence Submitted: A Photo of the UFO

Initial Action: This UFO investigation was opened as an AN1 – an anomaly that left no lasting physical effects, such as lights in the sky and similar phenomena. A preliminary analysis of the video indicated the UFO was more than likely a Catadioptric Lens Flares.

Investigation and Findings: After an interview with the witness, the investigators learned that the witness did not personally observe the UFO. The investigators applied cross-line analysis on the photo, which indicated the UFO was a lens flare. The sun, which is also in the frame of view, was the source of the lens flare.

Object Details: Lens flares are created when non-image forming light enters the lens and subsequently hits the camera’s film or digital sensor. The lens flare often appears as a characteristic polygonal shape, giving the appearance of a “flying disk or saucer”.