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13-109-FB1 (Patterson, KS)

Date of Sighting: late Oct early Nov 1971

Time of Sighting: approx 3 am

Duration of Event: seconds

Location of UFO: Patterson,Ks Alfafa field

Shape of Object: Sphere

UFO Report: I worked 3rd shift for a hay cutting company in Mt Hope Kansas 6pm to 6am . We were on our final rounds for the year I was the only cutter and there was 1 truck driver my trailer was full and I turned off my rig to wait on the truck driver to empty my trailer so I could proceed cutting. I knew it would be 30 minutes or longer before he showed up so I made myself comfortable on the stroud of my Case tractor the stroud extended from the cab and angled toward the ground was a great place to stretch out and stay warm propped up against the exhaust. I was facing south looking up at the stars when an object appeared in the sky just above the horizon it was extremely bright white and coming directly toward me it came at an incredible speed over my head I turned to follow it as it disappeared going north. The only sound I heard [and it was quite outside] was a swoosh. I could not determine the altitude or size of the thing the speed was almost like a bullet there was no tail on it and it brightness never wavered . The interesting thing was the next few days the media started mentioning the UFO that had landed in Delphi,Ks in a farmers feedlot that town is almost directly North of where I was cutting it is my opinion that this is what I witnessed. This case left trace evidence that has never been explained Whatever it was in 1971 I can only claim IT WASNT MADE IN KANSAS

Evidence Submitted: None

Initial Action: Case opened as an FB1.

Investigation and Findings:  Historical case only.

Object Details: Unresolved


13-108-AN1 (Hartford, MI)

Date of Sighting: 15/02/2013

Time of Sighting: 2:00-2:30PM

Duration of Event: Twenty seconds or so

Location of UFO: Hartford, MI, USA, N/A

Shape of Object: Orb

UFO Report: It was a small, fuzzy, little orb of bluish/white light.  Looking up at it, the orb of haze it appeared around the size of a small piece of cotton that would have been around 20 yards above my head.  And it is now, as I stare at this fuzzy orb of light when I finally grasp it’s rate of velocity.  To compare…there was a commercial airliner in the sky heading east from west (Orbs direction was south/southeast to north/northwest) the airliner traveled about 70% of my viewable blue sky in maybe ten minutes, give or take. The fuzzy white ball of light traveled that distance and further out of viewable sight in much less time….around 10 seconds or so.  I didn’t know what to make of it at first.  It must have been the first time I had ever seen anything like it, as my brain obviously didn’t know how to store the initially information gathered by my eyes at that first moment I had noticed it looking up.  Ten seconds was almost an eternity and at the same time only a brief moment as I had stared at it until it was completely out of view.

I have never experienced or seen anything like that before in my life.  It was remarkable.  The only other time I have seen nearly exactly what I saw that day, was the beginning of this week in a Youtube video.

Evidence Submitted: None

Initial Action: Case opened as an AN1.

Investigation and Findings:  Information case only

Object Details: Unresolved

13-106-AN1 (Romsley, England)

Date of Sighting: 15/05/2013

Time of Sighting: 21.45

Duration of Event: 5 minutes

Location of UFO: Romsley, West Midlands, England

Shape of Object: Triangle

UFO Report: Me and my brother were travelling back from Bromsgrove to Halesowen after our weekly Rugby training session. I always choose to go over the lanes and through Romsley instead of going down the motorway. The time was around 9.45 and it was dark due to it being pre-summer. Being the lanes, and being quite late, we were the only people on the road at the time. We were discussing the training session we had been to when out of the corner of my eye, to the right side of my car, I saw a huge white light. I slammed on my breaks, not even checking behind me for other cars such was my surprise at seeing it. I asked my brother, “What the hell is that!?” (I may have swore a little more…). My brother leaned across me to see what it was and was in shock himself. By now the single light had turned in to two lights. They were over a field, no higher than 1,000 feet and less than half a mile away. The two lights were absolutely huge, which is what makes me think it was so low and close. I asked my brother whether it was rectangular in shape but my brother pointed out it was triangular. By now our eyes had adjusted to the darkness and bright lights and it became easier to see the outline of the craft, which was indeed triangular, with the two bright lights being at the back. One thing that sticks in my mind is the speed at which the craft was moving. It was moving so slow that if I had carried on driving I’d have overtaken it. I pulled my car over and turned the engine off, at which point my brother pointed out how silent the craft was. There was no noise at all, something you’d expect if it was a plane or helicopter or any other machine. By now, although moving slowly, it began to get away from us behind a tree line. I must point out here that me and my brother were both absolutely petrified, shaking and actually crying. It’s something I’m not ashamed to admit, but at the same time, something I can’t explain. There was no reason for us to have been crying, but we both were all the same. I started my car up and, slowly, began driving again. By now the thing was behind the tree line and lost to us. It was about another 5 miles home and we never saw this thing again, even when the tree line had gone. However, when we approached the bottom of Romsley and began to descend in to Halesowen we noticed one singular light above Halesowen Town. The light, again, was huge but slowly moving upward whilst slowly getting smaller. Because of the speed it was moving up (slowly) I believe the light was simply diminishing out of choice, not because it was getting further away. Finally, it disappeared completely and we arrived home. I’m glad my brother was with me as I don’t think anyone would have believed me had I been alone.

Evidence Submitted: None

Initial Action: Case opened as an AN1.

Investigation and Findings:  Cases assigned on 15 Nov 2013 to API Investigator in the UK.

Object Details: TBD

13-101-AN1 (Canada)

Date of Sighting: Sept 1975

Time of Sighting: 7pm

Duration of Event: 2 hours

Location of UFO: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Shape of Object: Other (Explain Below)

UFO Report: Ball of shimmering light. Hovered in place for 2 hours. I watched it through a telescope at 70X. After 2 hours it moved slowly but steadily to the right, heading west towards Hamilton Ontario.

Evidence Submitted: None

Initial Action: Case opened as an AN1.

Investigation and Findings:  Historical case only.

Object Details: Unresolved.

13-035-AN1 (Thailand)

Date of Sighting: 01 July 2008

Time of Sighting: Around 1900

Duration of Event: Unknown

Location of UFO: Thailand

Shape of Object: Light

UFO Report: Was dark, and was walking down beach. Noticed a disarrangement of a v shape of lights that seemed high in the sky. was about the intensity of a medium star. Thought it looked strange as there was no sound yet the beach was quiet and it appeared quite large for something to be far enough away to be silent. Initially dismissed it as a group of jets flying in formation, but as i watched it, i decided to watch a star that it was passing in front of, the star disappeared and did not reappear till it had passed fully past the triangle shape. It was obvious that t it was one object. I then began to think it was lights on a wing but the angle was very steep to be a conventional aircraft, and if it was it would have had to be low enough to hear to be that size. It was very strange and I certainly cant identify what it was. I’ve got a fairly rational mind, but i cant explain it. Didn’t have my camera with me at the time, we were on holiday and were on our way to dinner.

Evidence Submitted: None

Initial Action: Case opened as an AN1.

Investigation and Findings:  Historical case only.

Object Details: Unresolved.


13-102-AN1 (Olney, IL)


Date of Sighting: 05/28/2012

Time of Sighting: 2:00 a.m – 4:15 a.m

Location of UFO: Olney, IL, US

UFO Report: Went out in the middle of the country alone to star watch.  Was driving to get to a good spot to park, and then noticed an orange orb in my rear view mirror.  After making several turns it was still perfectly center in my rear view mirror but only as a small orange orb.  I then parked and sat on my trunk as this orb maintained its distance.  I continued to sit there and talk to it as if it was standing right next to me.  At about 4:15 a.m. the small orb grew into a big bright light for maybe 30-45 secs and then vanished.  It was starting to turn into daylight, but the sun was not over the horizon. You can tell in the picture that it is not the sun as it is in front of the tree line.  This is not my first u.f.o. experience as I have had multiple sightings of objects that I could not explain to myself flying in the sky, but this is the only photo I was able to take.  I just would really appreciate it if you could do some sort of review of the photo and give me a scientific explanation of this orb I witnessed.  I also have 3 different pictures of this object that I took back to back to back, all of them in various sizes,  but it will only allow me upload one.

Evidence Submitted: Photo

Initial Action: Case opened as an AN1.

Investigation and Findings:  Historical case only.

Object Details: Unresolved. Appears to be a lens flare. Witness did not want an investigation.

13-103-AN1 (Lake City, SC)

Date of Sighting: 1976 or 1977

Time of Sighting: Around 11:30 p.m.

Duration of Event: 10 seconds

Location of UFO: Lake City, S.C.

Shape of Object: Saucer

UFO Report: I was 10 or 11 years old at the time.  I had a friend who spent the night with me at our home in Lake City.  We were in the den on the pull out couch and just started going to sleep, as everybody in the house was in bed with lights out.  My dog started barking at the patio door in the den where me and my friend were sleeping.  I went to the door to let her (my dog) out into the fenced in back yard.  That is when I saw a UFO hovering above the trees behind the back fence of our yard.  It was glowing white with dark window portals on the upper part of its body.  It was almost like it saw me (as if it knew I was watching it) as my dog ran towards it barking because after I looked at it a few seconds it moved to my right slowly along the path of trees in the woods and then shot into the air like warp speed in Star Trek at an angle into space.  I woke up my friend, parents and siblings shortly after the event. The UFO looked like two slim bowls (one upside down on top of the bottom one right side up).  The window portals were in the top part.  I was so close to it from my vantage point that I know UFO’s exist without any doubt.  It was too close of an encounter for it to be something that can be explained away.  And no, I wasn’t dreaming it happened.

Evidence Submitted: None

Initial Action: Case opened as an AN1.

Investigation and Findings:  Historical case only.

Object Details: Unresolved.

Advance Technologies and Analytics


Unlike other UFO organizations, at Aerial Phenomena we exploit a wide array of advance technologies, computer software, and analytics throughout the investigative process. Some of these tools, for example, include weather data, astronomical observations, advance photo forensics, orbital mechanics software and local radar data. The team, moreover, is trained in deploying and using various trace evidence detection equipment, including radiation, electromagnetic disturbances, and magnetic effects.