13-131-AN1 (Santa Barbara, CA)

Date of Sighting: 2010

Time of Sighting: 8pm

Duration of Event: 10 minutes

Location of UFO: Santa Barbara, CA

Shape of Object: Sphere

UFO Report: One evening while walking my dog in suburbs of Santa Barbara I notice what looked like 2 stars or planets close to the moon. They were bright in the sky but the size of a planet relative to moon but very close- like a finger’s width away…I tried to recall constellations and recent blogs about planets being close and visible and could not come up with anything. As I watched and went through my virtual, cerebral files the spheres/stars suddenly just went- poof- and disappeared.

Evidence Submitted: None

Investigative Status: Information Only.

Object Details: Unresolved

Case Files: The Official Podcast of Aerial Phenomena

The first episode of our official podcast, Case Files, is now available.

“API Case Files” is a new podcast about the scientific investigation of unidentified aerial phenomena (also known as UAPs or UFOs). This podcast is about educating the public about UFOs and sharing API’s efforts to investigate and study the phenomena.

You can download and/or listen Case Files

A review of Aerial Phenomena by Examiner.com

Posted by Jack Brewer, 21 Aug 2013

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“You can tell when something is not moving forward anymore: when the doubts you have about it don’t go away,” writer Antonio Paris quoted author Jeffrey Eugenides as stating to begin the final chapter of Paris’ book, ‘Aerial Phenomena: Reviving Ufology for the 21st Century’. It was easy to envision why Paris chose that particular quote, as by that point in the book it was abundantly clear he had much more reason to doubt the legitimacy of stories circulating around the UFO community than believe them.

Antonio Paris is the founder and director of Aerial Phenomenon Investigations (API). According to its website, API is dedicated to conducting systematic investigations, research and analysis regarding UFOs and other aerial phenomena. The group is poised to bring more science and credibility to the study of UFOs.

Though Paris’ book is just a 150-page easy read, it offers readers clear and specific explanations as to how API approaches an investigation and the tools it uses. A former soldier, former special agent for the Department of Defense and having earned two science-related degrees, Paris designed a six-step investigative process that employs scientific principles and sound research practices. The resulting procedures guarantee uniformity, continuity and the creation of a functional – and accessible – data base.

A large portion of the book is dedicated to sharing the specific results of 50 cases, the investigations of which were conducted over the course of a year and involved some 2,000 hours of work. The vast majority of the cases were solved for all practical purposes. A small percentage defied currently available explanations, yet simple lack of information obviously contributed to that being the case to a large extent. Paris documented how most UFO sightings and related reports were misidentified terrestrial objects, natural phenomena, hoaxes or outbreaks of hysteria.

The author explained how his experience at attending UFO conferences and public meetings allowed him to observe a community stagnating in fantastic yet unsupported claims. Paris subsequently found UFO organizations to be poor sources of accurate information while promoting sensational speculation. Such organizations had tendencies to conceal collected data and avoid cooperating with one another, individual researchers and the public at large. In one circumstance, Paris explained, “I was offered a leadership position in another UFO group, but the offer was conditional: I would have had to dismantle API.”

As one reaches the final pages of ‘Aerial Phenomena: Reviving Ufology for the 21st Century’, they might well empathize – after his experience with certain questionable members of the UFO community and his extensive investigations that time and time again showed nothing of profound interest – if Antonio Paris were to ask UFO Land, “Is this all ya got?”. However, he portrays neither cynicism nor sarcasm as he brings his book to a close with visions of moving ufology forward, sincerely seeking cases of interest while apparently committed to conducting transparent and credible research.

While some readers might find themselves disappointed there are no sensational stories within the book, others are certain to find themselves refreshingly pleased with the fact. The author provides realistic case documentation and candid assessments of ufology, circumstances that, along with his organization’s commitment to scientific investigation, would make it quite interesting should he ever inform us he has identified a situation of particular interest. Readers should find themselves motivated to point API in the direction of what genuine unknowns might be out there.

‘Aerial Phenomena: Reviving Ufology for the 21st Century’ by Antonio Paris is currently available on the API website and through Amazon.

About Jack Brewer:

Jack Brewer’s interest in the paranormal and subsequent many years of navigating the UFO community led him to become convinced healthy skepticism was often sorely lacking. His research and writing integrate objectivity and relevant facts into assessments of the all too prevalent fantastic UFO dogma. His interests include such topics as alleged alien abduction and the intelligence community, which have been explored on his blog, ‘The UFO Trail’. Contact Brewer at brewer.jack@rocketmail.com.

13-130-AN1 (Portugal)


Date of Sighting: 02/09/2013

Time of Sighting: 1 second

Duration of Event: 1 second

Location of UFO:  Represa (neer), Castelo Branco, Portugal

Shape of Object: Balloon

UFO Report: I was in the car back from holidays. It was at night and when I was looking at the other side of the window, to the dark sky, I suddenly saw a thing, bigger than a “shooting” star, and it pass very quickly, for about 1 second. When that phenomenon over, I couldn´t stop thinking what it would be … If everyone have an explanation for this phenomenon

Evidence Submitted: Photo

Investigative Status: Information Only. API does not investigate anonymous reports.

Object Details: Unresolved

Michael Frawley’s Book Review of Aerial Phenomena


Aerial Phenomena: Reviving Ufology for the 21st Century by Antonio Paris – a book review by Michael Frawley

UFO.  What does it mean?  UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Objects.  The key emphasis being on the word UNIDENTIFIED.  But often people, including myself, have tied the acronym UFO to extraterrestrials.  This is not the case as you will learn by reading Aerial Phenomena: Reviving Ufology for the 21st Century, written by Antonio Paris, founder of the Aerial Phenomenon Investigations Team, published in November 2012.

First a little about the author.  Antonio Paris is a native New Yorker, from the city of New York, born and raised as well as attended college.  From there he joined the military as an Army intelligence officer for two tours in Iraq.  After his terms of service he decided that the Army was more of a chapter in his life.  He then moved to WashingtonD.C. and became a special agent for the Department of Defense in counter intelligence for three of four years.  He then decided that he could do the same thing for a consulting firm in the private industry.  He has worked for the same defense contract company, called Booz Allen Hamilton, ever since. A current Maryland resident, he commutes to D.C. every day.

Will you find all sorts of fascinating stories about visitors from outer space in this book?  The answer is no.  What you will find is a break down of the investigative process using a ‘nuts and bolts’ (as the author is fond of saying) core method.  That is, using scientific process to research and explain aerial phenomena sightings.

As Antonio explains, he and the API team are not out to debunk stories about unidentified flying objects or other aerial phenomena.  Rather their goal is to inform, educate, research, and investigate credible sighting reports.  This book breaks down the process from beginning to end of the investigative process that API uses to confirm or explain unusual reports.

Paris explains in his book what the investigative process is about, how the information is gathered, put to the test, and tools used when looking into these phenomena.  The book also gives detailed accounts of specific reports that the team investigated first hand, noting the account of the witness or witnesses, processes that were deployed to re-create a phenomena, how the information was gathered, and conclusions that were drawn based on the information provided.  Each case is noted as identified or unidentified based on the findings of each investigation.  Some of the API’s cases remain unresolved.  Many are resolved with a note as to how the phenomena actually occurred.

I’m not going to cite any of the details of these investigations from the book.  After all, that’s why the book was written!  Suffice to say that this book is not only a must read for the UFO investigator, but in my opinion, the methods devised by Antonio Paris and the API team apply to any investigation of the unexplained.  I highly recommend this not only for UFO researchers, but for paranormal and monster researchers as well.  Their scientific method can be applied to each field.

I find this to be a great book.  For the experienced investigator it’s a good reference and reminder to stay grounded and look for the facts.  For the enthusiast it’s a fun book of real life events and can help separate facts from fantasy.  The API team is self funded and sales from the book go to fund the research, and field investigations that the Aerial Phenomenon Investigations Team conducts.

– Michael Frawley

Article at I Must be Hallucinating

13-128-AN1 (Somerset, England)

photoDate of Sighting: 03/12/2013

Time of Sighting: 1806

Duration of Event: 7 -8 seconds

Location of UFO: North Petherton, Somerset, England

Shape of Object: Triangle

UFO Report: Driving back from work, down the high street, (6pm was very dark)  i witness the outline of a triangle, with white/pink lights on each corner ahead of me in the sky. I watched the object for about 4 seconds flat side facing me (as per attached photo / which i took of the location of the sighting, the morning on next day, so i could document the size and location, then used a marker to draw on the photo what i witnessed, then re-shot it/) then as i moved up the road i witness it bank towards Taunton for a few more seconds, before it disappeared out of view.

Evidence Submitted: Sketch

Investigative Status: Case assigned to UK Branch

Object Details: TBD

13-127-AN1 (Netherlands)

Date of Sighting: between august 11 and september 1st 1995

Time of Sighting: from aprox. 00:00 till 00:55

Duration of Event: almost an hour

Location of UFO: along the entire coast of the Netherlands, between kijkduin and scheveningen (The Hague)

Shape of Object: Balloon

UFO Report: During a month long beach party that year a large group remaining one night saw a cylinder form object following the coastline very slowly. as doing so sending green forensic signals down, that bounced back in a 25 degree angle back up to the object. Object also had a green foresic light outline and what looked like windows with the same color lighting. We all watched in shock as we clearly realized this was too low to be a satellite in orbit, and puzzled by the visual signals going back and forth.

Evidence Submitted: None

Investigative Status: TBD

Object Details: Unresolved

13-126-AN1 (Chatham, Va)


Date of Sighting: 3-7-2007

Time of Sighting: 10 am

Duration of Event: not sure

Location of UFO: Chatham, Va 24531

Shape of Object: Disk

UFO Report: I truly don’t remember very much about taking the pictures. After having a log truck unloaded i pulled over on the roadside and noticed the vehicle. I grabbed my camera and took this picture ( 5 in all ) but didn’t realize i had them till a few days later. I was scared for a while and i don’t scare easily, I’m still not sure how i feel about taking them.

Evidence Submitted: Photo

Investigative Status: Information Only

Object Details: Unresolved

13-125-AN1 (Canada)

2013-09-30 02.35.21

Date of Sighting: Jul 2013

Time of Sighting: Unk

Duration of Event: Unk

Location of UFO: Calgary Alberta

Shape of Object: Rods

UFO Report: This was taken in July 2013, I was taken a picture of my family an I didn’t notice those things floating around at the time. Oh ya this was in tsuu tina a reservation outside Calgary Alberta.

Evidence Submitted: Photo

Investigative Status: Closed

Object Details: In cryptozoology and outdoor photography, rods (sometimes known as “skyfish” or “solar entities”) are elongated artifacts produced by cameras that inadvertently capture several of a flying insect’s wingbeats. Videos of rod-shaped objects moving quickly through the air were claimed by some to be extraterrestrial life forms or small UFOs, but subsequent experiments showed that these rods appear in film because of an optical illusion/collusion in interlaced video recording.

13-124-AN1 (Cramlington England)

Date of Sighting: July Aug 2010

Time of Sighting: Around 9-9:30 ish

Duration of Event: 6-7 seconds

Location of UFO: Cramlington England

Shape of Object: Orb

UFO Report: In 2010 July or August I seen something i’ll NEVER EVER Forget, I had my dog out and the sky was as clear and beautiful as anything I’d been out for about 30-40 mins and I was standing for Ages looking up at the stars they were looking amazing not a cloud in the sky I seen something travelling at high speed with no sound and Height it was looked the height of the stars and was so so high so the size of a star but just a little bigger is exactly what I seen and If it was a plane it wouldn’t be that bright plus it DEFINITELY WOULD NOT BE ONE BRIGHT LIGHT!!!!! also would take a hell of a lot longer to travel at that Height that it was a with the speed it was travelling! It was also not possible for it to change angle like it done and no human would have survived changing angles From what I witnessed it is not possible .

Evidence Submitted: None

Investigative Status: Case assigned to UK investigator