14-008-AN1 (North Carolina)

imageDate of Sighting: 31/12/2013 

Time of Sighting: 10 seconds before new year

Duration of Event: About a minute or two

Location of UFO: Charlotte,NC

Shape of Object: Fireball, Orb, Saucer

UFO Report: I was watching tv on my phone when I spotted something. I could only get the part when it was leaving

Evidence Submitted: Photo

Case Disposition: Information Only

14-005-FB1 (Montana)

Date of Sighting: age 16

Time of Sighting: 11:00 pm

Duration of Event: 45-120 minutes

Location of UFO: bull lake road montana

Shape of Object: Triangle

UFO Report: large enuf for the manitor to think it was a star destroyer. looked like 3 stars untill thay floated acrost the sky.  i dont remember if it was transparent or not.  was prety cool thou, to bad im not on the prowl.

Evidence Submitted: None

Case Disposition: Historical; Information Only

14-001-CE1 (Wisconsin)

Date of Sighting: 1994 

Time of Sighting: 10:00

Duration of Event: 3 minutes

Location of UFO: Elcho WI USA

Shape of Object: Triangle

UFO Report: In the fall, may have bern july or august 1994,,, I was on the south east side of Enterprise lake near Elcho Wisconsin.  Mid morning about 10am the light is just at the angle it is breaking through the thick trees, thus living there you tend to sleep in if you have no reason to get up early, as I had this day.  I got up and still somewhat sleepily, as I wandered outside to greet the morning and walk down to the pier.  I walked out to the near the end of the pier, 3/4th of the way, I recall a nearly or cloudless blue sky and perfectly sunny late summer/early fall day  ( I really wish that I could go through hypnotic regression to verify the exact date ).

 I’d gotten up and gone out to look at the lake, going out on the pier, it being a fairly calm day the lake was peaceful.  I happened to glance back toward the shoreline, in a split second, I noticed a tree’s shadow on the lake bottom, at the waters edge, had gotten larger, odd, it was not a very windy day, and remained, instead of moving like a cloud would.  I looked up at the tree on the property’s edge, and right by the shore.  A tree, that some years before my family bought this property had been struck by lightning, blowing the top – probably 20-30′ off the tree splintering it into pieces at the very top, it otherwise would be the tallest by far.

As if it was hung there, by wire, just above the tree “top stump”, hung a craft very closely resembling a stealth fighter (the smaller one, not the big bomber), black painted, just hanging there silently, without moving, I could very clearly see the pilot, wearing his helmet, visor, air breathing equipment, etc. staring right at me, looking me in the eyes.  This may sound strange but, it was like at that moment, for an instant, we could read each others thoughts….  Mentally, I guess is the best word, I could feel his reaction was like “Oops, you are mot supposed to be there”, and mine, “what the…you’re not supposed to be there”.  It was an odd moment…  I felt like the craft had somehow gotten out of position, like it had flown up to the lake to see if anyone was on the lake fishing (there was not), to see if he could shortcut across the lake without being seen.  I know, that does not make much sense but, that was my “feeling”, and thats the only way I can describe it…  I know he was human, well humanoid, I could not see eyes through the visor, whether it was an alien hybrid flying the thing with telepathic ability, or a human, and just, ‘one of those things’, I can’t tell but, that was my thoughts, and they are as clear today, as they were at that moment, its burnt into my brain.

The craft’s pilot and I, locked vision, for that brief moment but, too brief, as I was staring into the sun coming up behind the trees, and it was too bright, to continue staring, so, I broke the gaze blinded, looking at the pier at my feet instead, to regain my vision. Knowing I could not look into the sun like that, I took several steps over to the foot of the pier, and three more steps past a far shorter tree there, and around it where I could look up and see while still, in the shade.  I did not initially see it, by this time the craft, apparently moving as I did, had floated slightly out over the lake, just beyond the shoreline, as I looked for it, I only found it by following two more duplicate craft that floated up silently from behind the house roofline above the trees and right over me, coming up behind the first, one taking the left wing position and slightly behind, the other the right wing position and slightly behind, forming a triangular formation ( I could also clearly see the painted American Flag on the rear of these craft with various identification letters & numbers and the white painted air force star with a circle.  As I continued to watch, the formation still gently floating perhaps a few feet a second, continued floating out over the lake slowly, then I saw what they were waiting for as two more craft came up over me but further to each side away, falling in place to make a flight of 5 in perfect triangle.  These guys were experts, clearly, flying so close, and the first three accelerating to match the faster two coming up behind.  Just as these last two joined the formation, they all began to accelerate, already a quarter the way across the lake and quickly approaching halfway, in just seconds (perhaps one, to one and one half, minute, had elapsed from the time I had seen the first one, hanging there….).  I decided, that they would be gone fast, as they were accelerating quickly, and completely silent, with no wind, nothing to indicate motion except movement.  In that split second I made the decision to go get the binoculars my family kept by the front window to look out over the lake.  Crossing the 15 strides or so around back if the cabin to the porch entry door, inside and up the three steps into the interior, two strides and I grabbed the binoculars.  Looking it took a moment to find them because they were already far beyond the lake’s western shore some 3 miles away, and going west fast.  I could see them in her binoculars (fairly good powerful ones) as five tiny craft quickly becoming five dots, then they just faded beyond my vision range, even with binoculars.  They were gone, silently, quickly, and just gone, all about two and a half minutes since I had seen the first one hanging there less than 100′ from me, above the lightning shattered tree.

Evidence Submitted: None

Case Disposition: Closed; Information Only

Aerial Phenomena on Unsealed: Alien Files (The Watchmen)


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Link to Unsealed: Alien Files

14-003-AN1 (Phoenix, AZ)

Date of Sighting: March 13 1997 

Time of Sighting: Evening, long after dark, I don’t remember the time.

Duration of Event: Going east on interstate 40…it remained visible / relative to our position until we had passed from the area.

Location of UFO: Interstate 40 east of Phoenix, Arizona

Shape of Object: Other (Explain Below)

UFO Report: My then husband and I were travelling east on interstate 40 and were east (I believe) of Phoenix on the evening of March 13, 1997. I only remembered the date because I wrote it down. I looked north across the desert and it looked liked huge stars on a V-shaped structure (very long) floating above ground and around the mountains. I observed it for as long as I could. My husband refused to even acknowledge it was there and thought I was nuts. They (the lights) just kept on floating, up and down, in unison, on this huge V-shaped apparatus, about 5, 6 on each side. I tried to count them. It would turn, left and right, up and down, as it needed to avoid the mountains. It seemed very low to the ground. There were other smaller blinking lights near it, which I assumed could have been helicopters. It was the strangest thing I’d ever seen. I still saw them as the minutes passed and I saw them relative and parallel to where we were on the highway for as long as we were in the area. It wasn’t until a year later, after I was home, and I kept hearing these reports and seeing on television about the “Phoenix Lights.” When they gave the date, I knew that’s what I had most likely seen. The official report that they were flares is nonsense. Flares don’t float in unison. They were bright like the stars, white lights, no trails of any kind on this most strange structure. I’d also like to report that after we got to the Giant Travel plaza just east of Albuquerque and stayed for the night, I woke up about 3:30 am on the morning of the 14th and went in to the plaza. I came out and wanted to see the comet at that time (I don’t remember which comet it was) through my binoculars. As I was observing it, two softly curved chevron-shaped objects appeared out of the north skies. They almost seemed halographic, translucent, and were a very pale blue. The flew southward. I couldn’t get a clear look through the bc’s no matter how I tried to adjust them. I would say they seemed about a 1/4-1/3 size of the moon in the sky at the time..

Status: Historical Report

13-140-AN1 (San Francisco, California)

Date of Sighting: Summer of 1969 or 1970

Time of Sighting: Evening

Duration of Event: In total, approximately 30 minutes

Location of UFO: San Francisco, California, USA

Shape of Object: Saucer

UFO Report:  My friend, Rachel and I were sitting on the cement steps of a house that had burnt down on the small hill.

Rachel and I were talking when we noticed a strange light, moving erratically in the sky, across the San Bruno Mountains.  It would shoot straight up, stop suddenly (as the saying goes…stopping on a dime) and then shoot in a totally different direction.  The light kept up these movements for at least 5-10 minutes.  I remember saying to Rachel, “Look…..there’s an UFO”.  We watched its performance in awe until the UFO shot away.

We continued talking for quite some time (perhaps 30 minutes) after the experience when I had this over-whelming feeling that I needed to look up above me.  As I did, I saw a large, round disc, directly above Rachel and me.  It was so large, it obscured our view of anything else.  I felt if I raised my hand, I could touch it so I tried but it wasn’t as close as I had thought.  I noticed there were no marks, writing or seams on the disc.   It was completely smooth, burnt orange in color and totally silent.  I then heard Rachel start to scream.  At this time, unknown to us, both of our sisters, Jean and Yvonne and our friend, John, were on the street, in front of our house.  They heard our screams and thought we were being attacked. So they ran down the street and went behind the houses, only to be greeted with the sight of the burnt orange disc, hovering over Rachel and me.  I don’t really recall much else except all of a sudden, Jean, Yvonne and John were standing with us, underneath the disc.  Someone yelled for us to run and when I looked at Rachel, she was standing in place, running but not going anywhere.  I’ve seen this in cartoons but never in person.  John picked up Rachel and threw her over his shoulder and ran.  As we ran across the top of the small hill, the disc followed us, silently.  We could see figures moving inside the UFO via small openings in the middle of the UFO. We stopped at the section of the hill, which would have taken us back down into the street.  At this time, I told everyone I was going to go get binoculars so I ran down the hill, across the empty lot, and jumped the fence to the back of our house.  As I ran up the back stairs and I reached for the doorknob, I suddenly had this feeling that I wasn’t suppose to see them so I literally took my hand off of the doorknob as if it were hot to the touch.  I then turned around, ran down the stairs, jumped the fence and ran up the hill, back to my waiting friends and sister.  Jean asked me where the binoculars were and I said I couldn’t get them.  She seemed to accept that answer, even though it didn’t make sense then and certainly doesn’t make sense now.

We were still standing on the small hill, closer to the street with the burnt orange disc still hovering close by.   Then suddenly, the disc shot straight up and literally disappeared from sight.  The 5 of us just stood there  dumbfounded.

Later that evening, the 5 of us were still on the hill, trying to see if we could see the UFO again.  From the top of the small hill, we could see many of the streets.  We had a very good view of Mansell Street.  We noticed a  light coming down the street.  It was a single, bright light, going very, very slow.  We really weren’t sure what it was but I remember John saying he thought it was a motorcycle while I though it was a bicycle.  Whatever it was, it turned right on Bowdoin Street, which was a dead-end.  It stopped at the end of the street and shot straight up into the sky and disappeared from sight.  We never saw it or the UFO again.

Side note:  The next day, Jean asked her father, Howard Norville (now deceased), who worked at the San Francisco Airport as a TWA mechanic, if anyone reported lights in the sky on the evening of our encounter.  He told her no one had reported lights or anything unusual during the time we had our sighting.

I also found a report of someone else reporting a  light in the sky above San Bruno Mountains during the summer of 1970.  Not sure if it’s the same date and time as our sighting but it’s seems to fit what we saw and experienced.

13-137-FB1 (Holts Summit, Missouri)

Date of Sighting: 12-24-13 

Time of Sighting: 12:46am

Duration of Event: 2 minutes

Location of UFO: Holts Summit Missouri 65043

Shape of Object: Other (Explain Below)

UFO Report: Antonio & Team hello; Okay, here is your report, This may be same object I said via Twitter, which I have  seen several times, in Nov-Dec 2010-13, as often, it was at great height, at night hard to estimate but perhaps 5000 ft, travelling west to east dead on, several times as loud as jets at same altitude (actually this is how I know they are coming), this occasion the craft appeared disk like in front with concave back end (in past sightings was grey metallic silver lead color disk and up close in past sighting have seen a ring or row of rectangular windows with figures inside), with red lights on either side (also has a flashing white light below, though this time I did not recall seeing this), this time however it came over ejecting small lights like stars to me (my vision not great require glasses to drive as I cannot read road signs clearly, until right on top of) but, in pictures, which I snapped with my powershot 2500 camera (16mp) they appear as boomerang shape, tiny craft I believe, dropping these about every mile as it crossed the sky above me.  It went behind my roofline out of sight at 12:48am (noted time when came back inside).  Please note, I have seen this craft, MANY times over the years since it landed, I believe, from the sound when it took off, on my apartment roof in 2010.  Regarding the pictures, I have 4 good ones of the items dropped, for some reason ‘mother craft’ was not visible in the shots of it, and the video I attempted to take of it ( thus my reason for switching over to taking single shots).  I believe, it will be back on either New Years eve, or the few days following, as it has been every year at that time (though it never arrived so early before, so perhaps this will be the only visit??).   As I have said, I have seen this UFO many times, I think my number of visits, indicates they have so s interest in this area, perhaps in me personally…  Oh and would attach pics but, have no clue how to get those from camera to my ipad, new ar this.

13-136-FB1 (Clarke Summit, PA)

Remain Anonymous: Yes

Field Investigation Requested: no

Date of Sighting: Winter 2001

Time of Sighting: about  4:15 pm

Duration of Event: 5 minutes

Location of UFO: Clarke Summit, PA, USA

Shape of Object: Triangle

UFO Report: I was driving on the highway that runs parallel to a commercial street to the left of the highway. The highway is about 400 meters to the right and 80 meters above the town. My friend said “holy X! What is that?” And pointed above the town. I thought at first they were helicopters in formation flying about 200 meters above the town. We took the next exit and went back and pulled over overlooking town. They lights were in a triangle formation just hovering but making no sound. It was beginning to get dark and there was fog and haze covering the commercial street. We sttod and watched them for nearly 5 minutes. It was either 5 single flying objects or one VERY large object. It would have to have been over 150 yards long and 60 yards wide. Eventually we got in the car and drove into the town that the lights were hovering above. We could not see them above us when we got down there. We went back to the highway but whatever it (they) was wasn’t there anymore. If it was helicopters, why no sound? We were very close and why would they be there hovering in formation anyway?

13-134-AN1 (Covina, CA)

Remain Anonymous: no

Field Investigation Requested: yes

Date of Sighting: July 21, 2013

Time of Sighting: 3:00pm Duration of Event: over two minutes

Location of UFO: Covina, California

Shape of Object: Saturn-like

UFO Report: Sorry but my file was too large to send via this site but i have it on YouTube i just think it is better quality on the original and not on YouTube but I’ll attach the link in this message.