13-137-FB1 (Holts Summit, Missouri)

Date of Sighting: 12-24-13 

Time of Sighting: 12:46am

Duration of Event: 2 minutes

Location of UFO: Holts Summit Missouri 65043

Shape of Object: Other (Explain Below)

UFO Report: Antonio & Team hello; Okay, here is your report, This may be same object I said via Twitter, which I have  seen several times, in Nov-Dec 2010-13, as often, it was at great height, at night hard to estimate but perhaps 5000 ft, travelling west to east dead on, several times as loud as jets at same altitude (actually this is how I know they are coming), this occasion the craft appeared disk like in front with concave back end (in past sightings was grey metallic silver lead color disk and up close in past sighting have seen a ring or row of rectangular windows with figures inside), with red lights on either side (also has a flashing white light below, though this time I did not recall seeing this), this time however it came over ejecting small lights like stars to me (my vision not great require glasses to drive as I cannot read road signs clearly, until right on top of) but, in pictures, which I snapped with my powershot 2500 camera (16mp) they appear as boomerang shape, tiny craft I believe, dropping these about every mile as it crossed the sky above me.  It went behind my roofline out of sight at 12:48am (noted time when came back inside).  Please note, I have seen this craft, MANY times over the years since it landed, I believe, from the sound when it took off, on my apartment roof in 2010.  Regarding the pictures, I have 4 good ones of the items dropped, for some reason ‘mother craft’ was not visible in the shots of it, and the video I attempted to take of it ( thus my reason for switching over to taking single shots).  I believe, it will be back on either New Years eve, or the few days following, as it has been every year at that time (though it never arrived so early before, so perhaps this will be the only visit??).   As I have said, I have seen this UFO many times, I think my number of visits, indicates they have so s interest in this area, perhaps in me personally…  Oh and would attach pics but, have no clue how to get those from camera to my ipad, new ar this.

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