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API is looking for a small number of energetic, ethical, and persistent field investigators and technical specialists to join our team. We need people who are fascinated by the puzzle of what UFOs are, and want to put their own shoulders to the wheel in the fledgling enterprise to approach that mystery. Let us describe an API investigator for you, and then you decide whether you are right for the role.

All investigators bring different experience, strengths, and skills to the team. You don’t need formal technical training, but if you do have that, great. You will need curiosity, the willingness to work well as part of a team, the desire to learn, and persistence – lots of persistence. What API investigators have in common is a core of procedure, training, and documentation. We communicate with each other often – daily, when there is a a lot going on, and at least monthly. An API investigator is eager to acquire new skills, experience, and knowledge.

An API investigator has to be willing to dedicate a certain amount of time to work hard on the dull cases as well as the exciting ones, filtering out the obvious noise, sweating the details, and making sure that everything gets well documented. An API investigator isn’t easily discouraged or fatigued, and accepts that most of what we look into isn’t going to turn out to be anything much. Good cases are uncommon, and great cases are rare. What matters is the overall body of work.

An API investigator will work hard to see if a natural or human-made explanation might fit the facts, and if it does, it does. An API investigator’s belief system is whatever it is, but he or she has sufficient self-discipline and self awareness to not allow it to color their evaluation of individual cases. When an API investigator is stymied or stumped, then they say so straightforwardly, and seek help from the rest of the team.

An API investigator is always skeptical and never cynical. An API investigator treats all witnesses and experiencers with respect, and will always rigorously protect their identities and their choice to remain anonymous. The witness may be misinterpreting or misremembering their experiences, and we will then give them a choice of a better interpretation, but it is their choice. When someone needs help with a psychological or emotional problem, we do not pretend to be their therapists, but we are willing to listen without judgment.

An API Investigator is willing to have at least one active case in work at all times, keeps the director and case control officer up to date on case status, and attends the online meetings we have whenever possible. They write a complete Report of Investigation (ROI) when an investigation is completed, and they are happy to discuss the progress of their cases with other investigators.

So, what we are looking for is curiosity, maturity, emotional fortitude, and old fashioned doggedness. Skills and procedures can and will be taught.

If you think you are the right sort of person, then please review the integrity statement we will ask you to sign, and then fill in the form below:


I've read and understood the above requirements for an API Investigator
I've read the team integrity statement and am willing to sign it

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