Media Appearances


API Case Files, our official podcast, can be accessed here at API Case Files. Below you will find other podcasts we have been guests on with the paranormal and UFO community:

  • Openminds Interview with Alejandro Rojas: A recent interview with the leading UFO Magazine, Openminds. Antonio and Alejandro talk about UFOs and what the community can do to “revive” it. Listen to Podcast
  • An Interview with a Skeptic at UFOCON13: On May 11th 2013, Paul Carr, Chief Scientist from API, sat down with skeptic Bing Garthright to talk about his impressions of UFOCON13. This led to some interesting stories of his days as a NICAP UFO investigator, and why he stopped investigating UFOs.  Bing makes  some measured – and often very positive –  thoughts about the Aerial Phenomenon Investigations Team as well as the speakers at UFOCON13. Listen to Podcast
  • CBS Hot Lead Cold Cases: In this episode of “Hot Leads Cold Cases” on CBS and Para-X Radios, host Nancy du Tertre, a psychic detective known as “The Skeptical Psychic,” interviews Antonio Paris, founder of The Aerial Phenomenon Investigation Team. Nancy asks Antonio about the relationship between the government, military and independent contractors and the alleged UFO cover-up and reverse-engineering UFO technologies.  Listen to Podcast
  • Antonio Paris is Not From Outer Space: Episode 1 of the Wow! Signal Podcasts is out and available!  Author and researcher Antonio Paris of joins us Paul Carr to discuss what is wrong with UFOlogy and what can be done to revive it for the 21st century.  Listen to Podcast
  • Interview with Bill Birnes, History Channel UFO Hunters:  Join us tonight for a talk about aerial phenomena, otherwise known as UFOs. There has always been the idea that if we called it something a little less inflammatory and a little more intelligent, well then, perhaps the serious, popular, intensive investigations would begin. Antonio Paris has written a book called Aerial Phenomena, and you should check out his website, which is the Aerial Phenomena Investigations Team.  Listen to Podcast
  • Mysterious Universe: Interview with Mysterious Universe, which covers the strange, extraordinary, weird, and wonderful and everything in between. This team covers the latest news on topics as unorthodox as the UFO Phenomenon, Ghosts and Hauntings, and Cryptozoology, along with the latest in Science, Technology, and Astronomy.  Listen to Podcast


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