API Team Investigating UFO Cases for Documentary


Aerial Phenomena is currently seeking compelling UFO sightings for an upcoming documentary. The documentary will air on national TV in 2015. However, because the UFO phenomena is broad, we are only investigating UFO sightings that fall within the scope of Aerial Phenomena’s triage system:

  • Sighting occurred within the last five years
  • Multiple credible and reliable witnesses involved (witness must participate in the investigation)
  • Daytime sighting
  • Photo, video, or other physical evidence submitted
  • Sighting did not occur near a military base, a defense contractor installation, or combat zone.

Moreover, as exciting they might be, Aerial Phenomena is not investigating last generation’s folklore such as the alleged Roswell UFO Crash, the Rendlesham Forest Incident, etc.

Please use the UFO Reporting page to initiate the investigative process.