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API Case Files Episode 12 – Cylinders, Satellites and Stars, Oh My!

Released: 10 December 2017

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  • Kiwi UFO—A blazing cylinder over New Zealand.
  • Blank Spots on the Map “outs” spy satellites whose operations may trigger UFO reports.
  • API introduces a new team member, chats about some interesting cases, and discusses explanations for common misidentifications.

In Episode 12 of Case Files, API Director Paul Carr, Chief of Investigations Marsha Barnhart, and new Lead Investigator Savannah Dollison join in a Team Round Table discussion about some of their more recent cases.

Marsha spotlighted her investigation of an unidentified case that was set in New Zealand. She also discussed a book, Blank Spots on the Map, by Trevor Paglen—a book that contains a chapter identifying characteristics of Spy Satellites which researchers might find useful when investigating reports of anomalous lights in the night sky.


Blank Spots on the Map
Trevor Paglen
Article on Trevor Paglen
Sky Map

US Government FOIA Requests

API Website
Report A UFO

The Script for this Episode (Creative Commons)


Host and Producer: Marsha Barnhart
Post Production:  Paul Carr
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Slow Growth for API

We aren’t looking to become a very large organization in the foreseeable future, but we would like to add one more Field Investigator to our rolls at present. Of course, this is an unpaid volunteer position, but we also don’t charge membership dues. No experience is required.

After training as a field investigator, you will work cases on a regular basis, participate in our monthly virtual meetings, and have an opportunity to contribute to our official podcast, API Case Files.

Please read our Join API page, and if the description there sounds like you, then please consider filling out the form at the bottom of the page as completely as you can, and we’ll be back to you soon.

Unidentified Science, Part 1

This is the script of Unidentified Science 1, which was first presented in audio form on API Case Files, Episode 1. It has been edited a little to make it more suitable for a text post.

We’re here because we sense that the universe can present itself to us in ways that no one entirely understands, but we live in hope for that moment when the light comes on, and we see further into the unknown, and recognize the wonder it holds for us. That moment will never come unless we prepare, explore, search, question and fail many times.

The light will stay off forever unless we work together with a set of tried and true processes and tools that help us harvest meaningful knowledge from our experience.  We call this careful and reasoned way of failing better each time science – and without science we are almost certainly going to spend our lives stumbling backwards in the dark.

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