Case 2013-20: Being There

This is about why going into the field can be valuable.

Case 2013-20 actually took place in late 2012 in Carroll and Frederick Counties, Maryland. Although we closed the case Unidentified, I wonder if we’re really done with this area, just southeast of Camp David.

A few months after the primary witness reported the case, we were able to meet with her in the tiny town of Taylorsville, Maryland, and travel along the same route (Route 26) that she drove as she and her mother in law saw a brilliantly lit, large object apparently floating over the farms and vineyards early in the morning before sunrise. See the video below for her description and sketch.In this case, it was day light, but this was helpful since we could easily pick out landmarks and reference objects.

We stopped and got out just in front of a dairy farm where she had one of her last chances to see the object clearly. We spoke to the dairy farmer as he chased his cows around the barn, but he hadn’t seen anything. Standing on the road, we asked her to point to where she remembered the object being, and used an inclinometer smart phone app to measure the angle from the horizon. There was a farm-house in about the same direction about 100 meters from the road, and we asked her to compare her memory of the apparent size of the object to the house. She told us that it was “easily” three times the size of the house. From this, and measurements we had up the road at the beginning of the route, we were able to roughly estimate the size, altitude and position of the object. We could not have done this if we had not been on site.

Not long after, we visited a gentleman in a larger town a few miles East of Taylorsville. He had been returning home when he and his granddaughter had spotted a strange object in the sky. Once he got home, he snapped a few pictures with his smartphone. This was within a couple of weeks of the 2013-20 sighting. By showing us exactly where he stood with respect to the reference objects in the foreground, and from his description that the object appeared to be hovering just below the clouds, we were able again to roughly estimate the size, distance and altitude (from the clouds) of the object. The size was in the same ballpark as the object in 2013-20, and the witness to that case said it looked strikingly similar to the “building in the sky” she saw, only far more distant. Of course, it’s only conjecture that they are the same object, but reasonable conjecture can lead us to more clues. Case 2013-20 is closed, but we’re keeping our eyes to the skies over Frederick County.

If we had not shown up in person, we’d have a lot less.


Case 2013-20

Have you seen something like this?



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