13-110-FB1 (Patagonia)

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Synopsis: Submitter provided API with a photo allegedly taken in Patagonia on 12 October 2009. According to the submitter, the photo was taken by a 25 year old female, who was hiking along the area with her uncle and grandfather. The submitter claimed that the female described the “flying saucer” as silent and zig-zagged back and forth.  Investigator Note: Submitter is not the primary witness. The account, at this point, is hearsay.

Evidence Submitted: Several Photos

Initial Action: Case assigned as an FB1.

Investigation and Findings: Investigation continues

Object Details: Hoax

Advance Technologies and Analytics


Unlike other UFO organizations, at Aerial Phenomena we exploit a wide array of advance technologies, computer software, and analytics throughout the investigative process. Some of these tools, for example, include weather data, astronomical observations, advance photo forensics, orbital mechanics software and local radar data. The team, moreover, is trained in deploying and using various trace evidence detection equipment, including radiation, electromagnetic disturbances, and magnetic effects.

Former Military Agent: No Hard Evidence of UFOs

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By Tom Sofield

Reporter, Levittown News:

Antonio Paris traveled from Washington D.C. to Falls Township over the weekend to be one of several speakers at the multi-day UFO Conference that took place over the weekend. Despite being a featured speaker at the event, which is filled with UFO believers, Paris is a self-described “skeptic” and said nearly all UFO sightings are not caused by extraterrestrial beings. Conference

Paris, a 42-year-old Department of Defense contractor, scientist and former military counterintelligence agent, said his goal is to restore scientific respectability to UFO investigations. He and a team of about 15 handpicked people, who Paris said are vetted and highly educated, have conducted about 400 investigations info UFO reports and have found none with concrete proof.

“Does anyone have proof beyond a reasonable doubt? No,” he said. “I believe there is life, but I don’t believe they’re jumping into clunky little crafts and coming here.”

Instead of just investigating every light people see in the night sky, Paris said his team is looking at credible reports that were made recently.

Paris said his team – Aerial Phenomena – has not yet found evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that shows aliens from other planets are visiting Earth.

The Aerial Phenomena team studies interviews with witnesses, video, photos and material evidence during the course of their investigations. Paris said his group consults pilots, FBI agents and others during their study into reports.

Paris, who recently published a book on UFO sightings, said he is currently working on an Animal Planet television series for next year.

Skeptics like Paris were rare but not unheard of at the conference. One Bucks County man, who did not want his name published, said he attended just to learn more and hear some of the theories.

Mutual UFO Network of Pennsylvania Director John Ventre organized the UFO Conference at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel. Ventre, who drove from the western portion of the state, said about 400 people attended the convention, which covered the Roswell UFO incident, aliens in pop culture, cryptozoology and other topics.

Ventre said last year that the 2008 wave of UFO sightings and convenient access to highways lead to MUFON picking the Sheraton Hotel.

A UFO was sighted over a shopping center not far from the Sheraton Hotel in late September, according to UFOStalker.com.

Book publisher Richard Lange said the conference has grown as UFOs become more mainstream.

“You won’t see anybody with tin foil hats here,” he said.

More at: Levittown News

UFO Awareness Programs: Shaping the future of Ufology


There are no doubts that the topic of Ufology has been inundated with garbage. Most, if not all, UFO groups, meetings, and gatherings are centered on conspiracy theories, crypto-zoology, and pseudo-psychics – topics that have no purpose in a Ufology setting. Unfortunately, moreover, even Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra, Mothman, and inter-dimensional beings have found their way into the cult.

In hopes of re-calibrating Ufology back to a serious topic, UFO Awareness Lectures have been a core program of the Aerial Phenomenon Investigations Team. It appears, thankfully, that our UFO lecture is becoming a popular topic at many colleges and universities in the Washington, DC metro area.

For the fourth time this year, Antonio Paris has been invited to be a Guest Professor to provide college students a lecture on UFOs. On November 15th 2013, Antonio will visit astronomy students at the Anne Arundel Community College in Annapolis, MD to talk about UFOs and his vision for Reviving Ufology for the 21st Century. Topics will include misconceptions about UFOs and the search for extraterrestrial life in the universe.

13-093-AN1 (Federalsburg, MD)

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According to two witnesses: On 15 October 2013, at 2030 hours, a strange humming sound was heard outside their home. The two witnesses went outside, looked up in the sky and saw a bright light that remained stationary. At the same time, the two witnesses also saw what appeared to be “two jets, from different directions, flying toward the light”. As the “jets approached the light”, it faded away. One of the witnesses attempted to take a photo of the UFO with an iPad. However, the iPad’s poor focusing capability could not render a clear photo.

(AN-1) Class and Rating Explanation: Anomalies that do not have lasting physical effects, such as lights or unexplained explosions.

(3-1) Probability/Strangeness Index Explanation: 3-Multiple witness reports within short time of the sighting with good consistency between witnesses. Photographs or videos with clear provenance. Photographs have EXIF data consistent with testimony and have been subjected to careful analysis. Witnesses do not seek publicity; 1-Possibly a known manmade or natural object if one aspect of the report is misreported or misperceived. Five minutes later, two more aircraft closely following the same vectors were in visual sight of witness location.

Evidence Submitted: Photo

Initial Action: Case opened as an AN1.

Investigation and Findings: 30 Oct 13: All investigative efforts were completed. Case was closed as unidentified. However, see investigator’s Leading Hypothesis supported by relevant data gathered during the investigation.

Leading Hypothesis:

  • The “UFO”: Hidden Valley Airport is exactly in the line-of-sight where “the light” hovered (241º from witness location, which very close to the direction reported by witness); and the airstrip is less than 5 miles from were the witnesses were standing. It is possible “the light” emanated from the airport. Additionally, astronomical analysis indicated Venus was just over the horizon and also in the line-of-sight where “the light” hovered (Venus was at RA 235º and Dec 7º compared to the UFO at RA 240º and Dec 10º). Lastly, weather checks indicated there were clouds that night and could have obscured the UFO – accounting for the “light slowly faded away” statement.
  •  The “Jets”: According to radar analysis for 15 Oct 2013 (at 2016 hours), two aircraft were flying towards each other at a vector that would make it appear as though they were approaching the UFO. US Airways Flight US2121 (call sign AWE2121) was within visual sight of the witness at a heading of 277º (Radar T-F5M); and Canadair CRJ-700 (call sign GJS6206) was within visual sight of the witness at a heading of  35° (Radar T-F5M). It is likely witnesses observed these two aircraft.
  •  Humming Noise: Less than ½ mile from witness location and also in the same direction (240º SSW) is a large agricultural plant. Investigator drove past this plant on 25 Oct 13 and noticed a loud machinery-type noise from the plant.

Object Details: Unidentified.

Where are all the Aliens?


Join Antonio Paris and Aerial Phenomena on October 26th, 2013 in Annapolis, MD for the Annual Mysteries of Sky and Space UFOCON. This year, Antonio Paris will challenge the UFO community as he asks tough questions regarding the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Topics will include:

  • An Introduction to Space and the Expanding Universe
  • Interstellar Travel …from a Human Perspective
  • The Twin’s Paradox: The Time Dilation Buzz Kill
  • The Fermi Paradox: Tough Questions for Believers
  • Saucers, Disks, and Triangles, Oh My!
  • The Milky Way: Alleged Alien Species in our Backyard

About the Conference:

The Annual Mysteries of Space and Sky UFO Conference is set to take place in Annapolis, MD on October 26th, 2013. This is the longest running UFO conference in the Washington, DC area. For more information and tickets, visit Mysteries of Sky and Space now!