Where are all the Aliens?


Join Antonio Paris and Aerial Phenomena on October 26th, 2013 in Annapolis, MD for the Annual Mysteries of Sky and Space UFOCON. This year, Antonio Paris will challenge the UFO community as he asks tough questions regarding the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Topics will include:

  • An Introduction to Space and the Expanding Universe
  • Interstellar Travel …from a Human Perspective
  • The Twin’s Paradox: The Time Dilation Buzz Kill
  • The Fermi Paradox: Tough Questions for Believers
  • Saucers, Disks, and Triangles, Oh My!
  • The Milky Way: Alleged Alien Species in our Backyard

About the Conference:

The Annual Mysteries of Space and Sky UFO Conference is set to take place in Annapolis, MD on October 26th, 2013. This is the longest running UFO conference in the Washington, DC area. For more information and tickets, visit Mysteries of Sky and Space now!