Former Military Agent: No Hard Evidence of UFOs

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By Tom Sofield

Reporter, Levittown News:

Antonio Paris traveled from Washington D.C. to Falls Township over the weekend to be one of several speakers at the multi-day UFO Conference that took place over the weekend. Despite being a featured speaker at the event, which is filled with UFO believers, Paris is a self-described “skeptic” and said nearly all UFO sightings are not caused by extraterrestrial beings. Conference

Paris, a 42-year-old Department of Defense contractor, scientist and former military counterintelligence agent, said his goal is to restore scientific respectability to UFO investigations. He and a team of about 15 handpicked people, who Paris said are vetted and highly educated, have conducted about 400 investigations info UFO reports and have found none with concrete proof.

“Does anyone have proof beyond a reasonable doubt? No,” he said. “I believe there is life, but I don’t believe they’re jumping into clunky little crafts and coming here.”

Instead of just investigating every light people see in the night sky, Paris said his team is looking at credible reports that were made recently.

Paris said his team – Aerial Phenomena – has not yet found evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that shows aliens from other planets are visiting Earth.

The Aerial Phenomena team studies interviews with witnesses, video, photos and material evidence during the course of their investigations. Paris said his group consults pilots, FBI agents and others during their study into reports.

Paris, who recently published a book on UFO sightings, said he is currently working on an Animal Planet television series for next year.

Skeptics like Paris were rare but not unheard of at the conference. One Bucks County man, who did not want his name published, said he attended just to learn more and hear some of the theories.

Mutual UFO Network of Pennsylvania Director John Ventre organized the UFO Conference at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel. Ventre, who drove from the western portion of the state, said about 400 people attended the convention, which covered the Roswell UFO incident, aliens in pop culture, cryptozoology and other topics.

Ventre said last year that the 2008 wave of UFO sightings and convenient access to highways lead to MUFON picking the Sheraton Hotel.

A UFO was sighted over a shopping center not far from the Sheraton Hotel in late September, according to

Book publisher Richard Lange said the conference has grown as UFOs become more mainstream.

“You won’t see anybody with tin foil hats here,” he said.

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