API Case Files, our official podcast, can be accessed here at API Case Files. Below you will find other podcasts we have been guests on with the paranormal and UFO community:

  • Awesome Interview with Dom Ghosthunter, Again! Antonio and Dom reunite again to talk about UFOs, UFOs, and more UFOs. Topics also include UFOCON Los Angeles, recent cases, and Antonio’s new book for 2014: Listen to Podcast
  • An Awesome Interview with Expanded Perspectives! UFOs and more UFOs! Expanded Perspectives represents individuals inclined to form one’s own opinions rather than depend upon academics or authorities; especially about ancient cultures, conspiracy theories, science, cryptozoology, social and religious issues. Our open minded views allow us to consider all possibilities regardless of how strange or unusual. Listen to Podcast
  • A Chat with Chris Flemmings, Spirit Talk: Spirit Talk introduces the paranormal and supernatural through an intriguing spiritual perspective. Enlightening and sometimes “controversial”, this podcast is unlike anything you have heard before. Each episode will help you better understand aerial phenomena as well as the paranormal. Listen to Podcast
  • Openminds Interview with Alejandro Rojas: A recent interview with the leading UFO Magazine, Openminds. Antonio and Alejandro talk about UFOs and what the community can do to “revive” it. Listen to Podcast
  • A Perspective on Skeptical UFOlogy, Paul Carr: In this talk, delivered at Balticon 47 on 26 May 2013, Paul will discuss a simple model of what skeptical UFO investigation requires (and what it isn’t), provide some background about aerial-phenomenon.org, and discuss some high strangeness aspects of an ongoing case. We used experimentation to narrow down the range of effects that we see in a small item of physical evidence from this complex case.  Listen to Podcast
  • An Interview with a Skeptic at UFOCON13: On May 11th 2013, Paul Carr, Chief Scientist from API, sat down with skeptic Bing Garthright to talk about his impressions of UFOCON13. This led to some interesting stories of his days as a NICAP UFO investigator, and why he stopped investigating UFOs.  Bing makes  some measured – and often very positive –  thoughts about the Aerial Phenomenon Investigations Team as well as the speakers at UFOCON13. Listen to Podcast
  • An Interview with PANG Radio: Hosted by MJ aka Mike Lucas and features a rotating skeptic co-host. The show brings both sides of the table when it comes to interviewing guests on the hottest topics including: UFO’s, Cryptids, The Paranormal, and the unexplained.  Listen to Podcast
  • Antonio Paris talks about API with Fringe Radio!  It might be 2am, but Antonio Paris charges on and sits down with FringeRadio to talk about UFOs, alien abductions, and the investigative process!  Listen to Podcast
  • Renee Live from New York! An interview with Renee Live and co-host Nina DeSanto from Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society, as they focus on the Paranormal, the Other Side, and related topics that help those associated with these fields and those interested!  Listen to Podcast
  • Right Left Turn Utah Paranormal: An interview with Right Left Turn, a paranormal group from Utah, which hosts a variety of topics including the paranormal and UFOlogy.  Listen to Podcast
  • CBS Hot Lead Cold Cases: In this episode of “Hot Leads Cold Cases” on CBS and Para-X Radios, host Nancy du Tertre, a psychic detective known as “The Skeptical Psychic,” interviews Antonio Paris, founder of The Aerial Phenomenon Investigation Team. Nancy asks Antonio about the relationship between the government, military and independent contractors and the alleged UFO cover-up and reverse-engineering UFO technologies.  Listen to Podcast
  • A Chat with a Fellow Canadian UFO Hunter:  An interview with the Canadian Paranormal Team C.R.I.P.T PARANORMAL. This discussion covers a wide-range of topics regarding UFOlogy and Aerial Phenomena.  Listen to Podcast
  • Antonio Paris is Not From Outer Space: Episode 1 of the Wow! Signal Podcasts is out and available!  Author and researcher Antonio Paris of aerial-phenomenon.org joins us Paul Carr to discuss what is wrong with UFOlogy and what can be done to revive it for the 21st century.  Listen to Podcast
  • Check Six Paranormal: Check Six Paranormal is the newest in a growing series of paranormal news and commentary shows. So why trust CSP? CSP has your six, we got your back. CSP is here to give the paranormal community the credit it deserves by providing a gateway to discuss and provide evidence for paranormal events with respect and care for those brave enough to expose the truth.  Listen to Podcast
  • On the Air with ParaHunter! A talk with an eclectic group of Paranormal investigators established as a Group in September 2010. Their Mission is to explore the unusual and unexplained. Listen to Podcast
  • Utah Pararadio: An interview with Utah Pararadio, a paranormal group who has been guests on Ghost Adventures. Topics include alien abductions and other aerial phenomena related topics. Listen to Podcast
  • Interview with Bill Birnes, History Channel UFO Hunters:  Join us tonight for a talk about aerial phenomena, otherwise known as UFOs. There has always been the idea that if we called it something a little less inflammatory and a little more intelligent, well then, perhaps the serious, popular, intensive investigations would begin. Antonio Paris has written a book called Aerial Phenomena, and you should check out his website, which is the Aerial Phenomena Investigations Team.  Listen to Podcast
  • Mysterious Universe: Interview with Mysterious Universe, which covers the strange, extraordinary, weird, and wonderful and everything in between. This team covers the latest news on topics as unorthodox as the UFO Phenomenon, Ghosts and Hauntings, and Cryptozoology, along with the latest in Science, Technology, and Astronomy.  Listen to Podcast
  • UFO Awareness Day: Antonio chats with WVNJ about UFO Awareness Day, his book Aerial Phenomena, as well as answering a variety of questions about Ufology with a live audience.  Listen to Podcast
  • Aerial Phenomena and Nigel Wright (Crazy Ufologist) on London’s premiere paranormal and UFO radio show: The Friday Paranormal Show. This radio show is hosted by North London Paranormal Investigations. Listen to Podcast
  • Grimerica talks to Antonio Paris: An awesome interview with Canadians Darren and Graham, two cool podcasters who center their topics on the paranormal. Topics include UFOs, alien abductions, and the paranormal. Listen to Podcast.