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Once we receive your information, we will conduct a preliminary inquiry to determine whether a full investigation is called for. If an investigation is required, one of our investigators will contact you for an interview.

By submitting your sighting report to API, either directly on this website, by telephone or by email, you agree that we have the right to use the information and data you provided for investigative purposes and that we, Aerial Phenomena, have permission to use the information freely and publicly on this website and also in journal articles, podcasts, and other publications – with the exception of any and all Personally Identifying Information you may provide.

Please Note: Investigative priority will be assigned to UFO sightings that meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Sighting occurred within the last two years
  2. Multiple credible and reliable witnesses involved (witness must request an investigation)
  3. Daytime sighting
  4. Photo, video, or other physical evidence
  5. Sighting did not occur near a military operations or test area.

Other questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions, or use our Contact Form.

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