14-001-CE1 (Wisconsin)

Date of Sighting: 1994 

Time of Sighting: 10:00

Duration of Event: 3 minutes

Location of UFO: Elcho WI USA

Shape of Object: Triangle

UFO Report: In the fall, may have bern july or august 1994,,, I was on the south east side of Enterprise lake near Elcho Wisconsin.  Mid morning about 10am the light is just at the angle it is breaking through the thick trees, thus living there you tend to sleep in if you have no reason to get up early, as I had this day.  I got up and still somewhat sleepily, as I wandered outside to greet the morning and walk down to the pier.  I walked out to the near the end of the pier, 3/4th of the way, I recall a nearly or cloudless blue sky and perfectly sunny late summer/early fall day  ( I really wish that I could go through hypnotic regression to verify the exact date ).

 I’d gotten up and gone out to look at the lake, going out on the pier, it being a fairly calm day the lake was peaceful.  I happened to glance back toward the shoreline, in a split second, I noticed a tree’s shadow on the lake bottom, at the waters edge, had gotten larger, odd, it was not a very windy day, and remained, instead of moving like a cloud would.  I looked up at the tree on the property’s edge, and right by the shore.  A tree, that some years before my family bought this property had been struck by lightning, blowing the top – probably 20-30′ off the tree splintering it into pieces at the very top, it otherwise would be the tallest by far.

As if it was hung there, by wire, just above the tree “top stump”, hung a craft very closely resembling a stealth fighter (the smaller one, not the big bomber), black painted, just hanging there silently, without moving, I could very clearly see the pilot, wearing his helmet, visor, air breathing equipment, etc. staring right at me, looking me in the eyes.  This may sound strange but, it was like at that moment, for an instant, we could read each others thoughts….  Mentally, I guess is the best word, I could feel his reaction was like “Oops, you are mot supposed to be there”, and mine, “what the…you’re not supposed to be there”.  It was an odd moment…  I felt like the craft had somehow gotten out of position, like it had flown up to the lake to see if anyone was on the lake fishing (there was not), to see if he could shortcut across the lake without being seen.  I know, that does not make much sense but, that was my “feeling”, and thats the only way I can describe it…  I know he was human, well humanoid, I could not see eyes through the visor, whether it was an alien hybrid flying the thing with telepathic ability, or a human, and just, ‘one of those things’, I can’t tell but, that was my thoughts, and they are as clear today, as they were at that moment, its burnt into my brain.

The craft’s pilot and I, locked vision, for that brief moment but, too brief, as I was staring into the sun coming up behind the trees, and it was too bright, to continue staring, so, I broke the gaze blinded, looking at the pier at my feet instead, to regain my vision. Knowing I could not look into the sun like that, I took several steps over to the foot of the pier, and three more steps past a far shorter tree there, and around it where I could look up and see while still, in the shade.  I did not initially see it, by this time the craft, apparently moving as I did, had floated slightly out over the lake, just beyond the shoreline, as I looked for it, I only found it by following two more duplicate craft that floated up silently from behind the house roofline above the trees and right over me, coming up behind the first, one taking the left wing position and slightly behind, the other the right wing position and slightly behind, forming a triangular formation ( I could also clearly see the painted American Flag on the rear of these craft with various identification letters & numbers and the white painted air force star with a circle.  As I continued to watch, the formation still gently floating perhaps a few feet a second, continued floating out over the lake slowly, then I saw what they were waiting for as two more craft came up over me but further to each side away, falling in place to make a flight of 5 in perfect triangle.  These guys were experts, clearly, flying so close, and the first three accelerating to match the faster two coming up behind.  Just as these last two joined the formation, they all began to accelerate, already a quarter the way across the lake and quickly approaching halfway, in just seconds (perhaps one, to one and one half, minute, had elapsed from the time I had seen the first one, hanging there….).  I decided, that they would be gone fast, as they were accelerating quickly, and completely silent, with no wind, nothing to indicate motion except movement.  In that split second I made the decision to go get the binoculars my family kept by the front window to look out over the lake.  Crossing the 15 strides or so around back if the cabin to the porch entry door, inside and up the three steps into the interior, two strides and I grabbed the binoculars.  Looking it took a moment to find them because they were already far beyond the lake’s western shore some 3 miles away, and going west fast.  I could see them in her binoculars (fairly good powerful ones) as five tiny craft quickly becoming five dots, then they just faded beyond my vision range, even with binoculars.  They were gone, silently, quickly, and just gone, all about two and a half minutes since I had seen the first one hanging there less than 100′ from me, above the lightning shattered tree.

Evidence Submitted: None

Case Disposition: Closed; Information Only

13-093-AN1 (Federalsburg, MD)

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According to two witnesses: On 15 October 2013, at 2030 hours, a strange humming sound was heard outside their home. The two witnesses went outside, looked up in the sky and saw a bright light that remained stationary. At the same time, the two witnesses also saw what appeared to be “two jets, from different directions, flying toward the light”. As the “jets approached the light”, it faded away. One of the witnesses attempted to take a photo of the UFO with an iPad. However, the iPad’s poor focusing capability could not render a clear photo.

(AN-1) Class and Rating Explanation: Anomalies that do not have lasting physical effects, such as lights or unexplained explosions.

(3-1) Probability/Strangeness Index Explanation: 3-Multiple witness reports within short time of the sighting with good consistency between witnesses. Photographs or videos with clear provenance. Photographs have EXIF data consistent with testimony and have been subjected to careful analysis. Witnesses do not seek publicity; 1-Possibly a known manmade or natural object if one aspect of the report is misreported or misperceived. Five minutes later, two more aircraft closely following the same vectors were in visual sight of witness location.

Evidence Submitted: Photo

Initial Action: Case opened as an AN1.

Investigation and Findings: 30 Oct 13: All investigative efforts were completed. Case was closed as unidentified. However, see investigator’s Leading Hypothesis supported by relevant data gathered during the investigation.

Leading Hypothesis:

  • The “UFO”: Hidden Valley Airport is exactly in the line-of-sight where “the light” hovered (241º from witness location, which very close to the direction reported by witness); and the airstrip is less than 5 miles from were the witnesses were standing. It is possible “the light” emanated from the airport. Additionally, astronomical analysis indicated Venus was just over the horizon and also in the line-of-sight where “the light” hovered (Venus was at RA 235º and Dec 7º compared to the UFO at RA 240º and Dec 10º). Lastly, weather checks indicated there were clouds that night and could have obscured the UFO – accounting for the “light slowly faded away” statement.
  •  The “Jets”: According to radar analysis for 15 Oct 2013 (at 2016 hours), two aircraft were flying towards each other at a vector that would make it appear as though they were approaching the UFO. US Airways Flight US2121 (call sign AWE2121) was within visual sight of the witness at a heading of 277º (Radar T-F5M); and Canadair CRJ-700 (call sign GJS6206) was within visual sight of the witness at a heading of  35° (Radar T-F5M). It is likely witnesses observed these two aircraft.
  •  Humming Noise: Less than ½ mile from witness location and also in the same direction (240º SSW) is a large agricultural plant. Investigator drove past this plant on 25 Oct 13 and noticed a loud machinery-type noise from the plant.

Object Details: Unidentified.

13-009-AN1 (El Paso, TX)


Synopsis: On 02 April 2011, exact time not yet determined, a group of kids used a video camera to record four unidentified objects in the sky.

Evidence Submitted: Original photo and video.

Initial Action: Case opened as an AN1.

Investigation and Findings:  Case was opened on 26 Jan 2013; Initial analysis of the witness’s video strongly suggested the UFOs were contrails highlighted by sunlight during sunset. During the investigation, the lead investigator found over 12 videos and 20 photos of known aircraft emitting contrails during a sunset. The videos and photo were nearly an identical match to the video the witness provided. Moreover, research was completed regarding the angles at with these contrails were heading. Although the contrails appear to be moving in a downward movement, they are in fact moving along the horizon. The appearance of the contrails moving in a downward movement is only an optical illusion.

Object Details: Man-made objects.

12-065-FB1 (Dundalk, MD)


Synopsis: On 08 Sep 12, at 2045 hours, the witness of this investigation was walking towards the neighbor’s home and saw a large orange UFO in the sky. According to the witness, the UFO flew West to East and then Southeast at an altitude of about 500 feet. The witness went back inside to retrieve and camera but the UFO was no longer on site. Several minutes later, another UFO, matching the same description as the first, appeared to descend from the clouds and traveled in the same direction as the first. The second time, however, the witness was able to take six photos of the UFO.

Evidence Submitted: Six photos of the UFO.

Initial Action: This UFO investigation was opened as an FB1, a fly-by of a UFO that traveled in a straight line across the sky.

Investigation and Findings: After several interviews with the witness and an exchange of emails, it is the opinion of the investigator that the witness observed several aircraft heading to nearby Essex Sky Park Airport. According to the weather for the day and time the UFOs were observed, there was heavy fog and complete overcast. Moreover, the path the two UFOs traveled (West to East and then Southeast) is the normal vector for aircraft heading to Essex Sky Park Airport. The aircraft’s lights coupled with the fog/overcast more than likely gave it the appearance of glowing orbs. It is important to note, furthermore, that the witness displayed signs of hysteria regarding the phenomena, including “beings were using inter dimensional portals to appear and disappear at their pleasure”.

Object Details: Aircraft in vector to Essex Sky Park Airport.

12-038-FB1 (Buffalo, NY)


Synopsis: On 05 June 11, while testing a new high definition video camera, the witness of this investigation recorded a UFO in the sky. The witness, however, did not observe the UFO firsthand and only noticed the UFO when reviewing the footage later at home.

Evidence Submitted: Video footage from a Camcorder.

Initial Action: This UFO investigation was opened as an FB1, a fly-by of a UFO that traveled in a straight line across the sky. A preliminary analysis of the report indicated a possible airplane on a vector to nearby Buffalo International Airport.

Investigation and Findings: While interviewing the witness, the investigators learned that the footage was taken during a soccer game near Buffalo, NY. After the interview, the photo was enhanced using the Canon Professional Photo Edition software. The enhanced photo revealed a commercial aircraft illuminated by sun flare. The enhanced image, moreover, revealed a wingspan and tail rudder. Additionally, investigators conducted research regarding aircraft illuminated by sun flare and found several photos that resemble the video captured by the witness of this investigation. The investigation concluded the object the witness captured on the camera was an aircraft heading to Buffalo International Airport.

Object Details: Commercial or Military Aircraft

11-015-FB1 (Davidsonville, MD)


Synopsis: On 08 Nov 11, at 2030 hours, the witness of this investigation was looking at a cornfield and noticed a large black triangle UFO flying low. The UFO changed directions and tilted towards where the witness was standing. The witness claimed the UFO was a black triangle and made little noise. According to the witness, the black triangle had three distinct white lights on each corner, a green light on one corner and a red light on the opposite corner. The UFO flew along Governors Bridge Road towards Route 50 until it was no longer within sight.

Evidence Submitted: Computer-rendered sketch.

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as an FB1, a fly-by of a UFO that traveled in a straight line across the sky. A preliminary analysis of the report indicated a possible drone, perhaps the X-47B, which operates in the Maryland area.

Investigation and Findings: The investigators travelled to Davidsonville, MD and interviewed the witness of this investigation. The witness, who was the owner of the cornfield, alleged that the UFO flew over the cornfield for an unknown amount of time until it flew North toward Route 50. After the interview, the investigators conducted extensive research regarding man-made triangular aircrafts and drones that were being tested in the Maryland area. Given the description of the UFO, and that it was using FAA navigation and collision beacons, the object was more than likely an aircraft from the Patuxent Naval Air Station, which tests several UAVs in the area.

Object Details: Identified as an aircraft, type unknown.