14-020-CE4 (Unknown)

Remain Anonymous: No

Field Investigation Requested: Yes

Date of Sighting: Unknown

Time of Sighting: Varied

Duration of Event: Unknown

Location of UFO: Unknown

Shape of Object: Other

UFO Report: Witness contacted API regarding an alleged alien abduction.

Evidence Submitted: None

Case Disposition: Assigned

13-055-CE3 (Fort Worth/Dallas, TX)

Synopsis: Date TBD, witness contacted API claiming she is a lifelong experiencer. Witness, moreover, claimed seeing a UFO on multiple occasions, personally interacting with an alien race name the Zatans, and having been abducted on more than one occasion.

Evidence Submitted: Sketches pending.

Initial Action: Case opened as an CE3.

Investigation and Findings:  This investigation was closed due to investigation was not within the scope of API’s core mission.

Object Details: Closed and referred.

12-015-CE5 (Wash. Township, NJ)


Synopsis: The witness of this investigation contacted API alleging to have been abducted by extraterrestrials; experiencing three and a half minutes of missing time; and suffering from bruising and marks on the leg. Other physical complaints were ringing in the witness’ ears and mysterious blood stains on the sheets that were discovered upon waking up from sleep. According to the witness, moreover, an ultrasound was completed on the bruised area. The findings, allegedly, revealed an unknown mass under the bruised area and tendons having been cut and removed as if surgery had been conducted.

Evidence Submitted: Photos of scars and an image of an ultrasound.

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as a CE5, an abducted witness that suffers from physical and psychological injuries. The initial research indicated the witness is associated with many UFO conspiracy groups and dedicating a website to the subject as well as other social media.

Investigation and Findings: After reporting the case to several UFO organizations, the witness was contacted by MUFON in November 2010 where they believed a hypnotic regression session was warranted. The witness, however, failed to follow up for the indicated sessions due to personal issues. Nevertheless, the witness continued to speak openly and publicly about the experience – even presenting at a several UFO conferences but always had reservations about doing a hypnotic regression session. During this investigation, the investigators interviewed the witness on three separate occasions, which revealed no new information relevant to the MUFON case. Although no physical proof to substantiate the claims was provided it is of the lead investigator’s opinion the witness was experiencing a high degree of pareidolia and anxiety; and a hoax could not be ruled out either. However, all investigative efforts were exhausted and the case was closed as unresolved. (Investigator Note: several interviews with the witness concluded he was sincere and truthful).

Object Details: Abduction claims unresolved; Object in the leg remains unidentified.