11-009-FB1 (Pylesville, MD)


Synopsis: On 17 Oct 11, at approximately 1630 hours, the witness of this investigation noticed a “weird looking blimp” up in the sky. The witness claimed the object appeared to be a blimp that was shaped like a worm. The object, according to the witness, appeared to be spinning and reflecting the sunlight off its gray surface. The sunlight, however, prevented the witness from seeing the actual surface of the craft. After a few minutes, the UFO moved out of visual sight.

Evidence Submitted: None.

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as an FB1, a fly-by of a UFO that traveled in a straight line across the sky. A preliminary analysis of the report indicated an airship (blimp).

Investigation and Findings: The investigators interviewed the witness of this investigation and were able to determine the object was indeed a blimp and not some other type of craft. After the investigation, the investigators conducted research and analysis of the types of blimps that could be operating in the area. The investigators found a photo of the Argus One airship from World Surveillance Group, Inc. The company, which develops surveillance blimps for the military, has a testing facility in nearby Easton, Maryland. The witness was provided photos of the Argus One airship for comparison and subsequently agreed it was what the witness saw.

Object Details: Airship Argus One represents a new airship design. It is equipped with a newly developed stabilization system and an integrated payload bay capable of initially carrying up to approximately 30 pounds of high technology sensors, cameras or electronics packages.