13-090-FB1 (Oklahoma)


Synopsis: According to the second-hand information, on 27 Sep 2013 at 1356 hours the witness of this investigation was west of Elk City, OK when he saw a UFO. The UFO hovered about 200 to 300 feet in the air,  shot straight up, did a 90 degree turn and disappeared. The primary reporter provided the photo to API to determine if the witness is attempting to hoax the UFO community.

Evidence Submitted: Photo from a Galaxy S3 smartphone.

Initial Action: Case opened as an FB1.

Investigation and Findings: This investigation was opened on 17 Oct  2013.

Object Details: After several email interviews with the witness, it was determined this case was a hoax. Case closed on 21 Oct 2013.

12-088-AN1 (Jacksonville, NC)


Synopsis: According to the witness, at 1401 hours on of 27 Sep 12, he was on the beach taking photos. Later that day, while reviewing the photos he took, he noticed a strange black object on one of the photos. The witness submitted the case to MUFON, which was then sent to API for photo analysis.

Evidence Submitted: Original photo.

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as a AN1, a fly-by of a UFO traveling in a straight line across the sky. A preliminary analysis of the photo indicated a hoax.

Investigation and Findings:  Forensics and Error Level Analysis displayed substantial rainbowing, which indicated two things: software was used to manipulate the photo and the photo was not the original/raw photo from the camera. Moreover, all edges under ELA should have been white in color. For example, under ELA examination the life guard tower has white edges, which indicates the tower is real. The object’s edges, however, are purple. This indicates the object is not part of the original photo.

Object Details: Case closed as a hoax.

11-007-CE3 (La Plata, MD)


Synopsis: On 02 Nov 11, at approximately 1820, the witness of this investigation reported seeing a medium-sized metallic UFO in the woods. According to the witness, there were three “human-like aliens near the UFO”. The aliens were described as grey, had big heads, wore cushioned shoes, and were using a laser to cut “a heart” from an unidentified animal. When the witness walked towards the aliens, the aliens returned to the UFO, which lifted into the air and “disintegrated into tiny bits”. According to the witness, moreover, the UFO was silver in color, had red blinking lights, and was shaped like a deep-dish pizza.

Evidence Submitted: A sketch of the UFO.

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as a CE3 – a visual sighting of a UFO with entities aboard.

Investigation and Findings: The witness’ report was written with many misspellings and grammar errors, which lead investigators to believe a child submitted the UFO report. The lead investigator contacted the La Plata Mayor and Chief of Police for any information regarding this report. According to the Chief of Police, a Search and Rescue helicopter was in the area at about the same time of this event and was searching for a missing person. On the same day, moreover, the Charles Country Sheriff’s Department and the Maryland Natural Resources Police found the body of a 52-year old woman only 5.9 miles from the purported UFO sighting. When the witness finally responded to an interview request, the witness admitted the event was a hoax. The investigation was closed as such.

Object Details: Hoax

12-017-FB1 (Arlington, VA)


Synopsis: On 06 June 2006, the witness of this investigation was sitting on a front porch and saw a cylinder-shaped UFO moving slow then fast. According to the witness, the UFO traveled in a straight pattern and was much lower than normal aircraft for that area.

Evidence Submitted: A sketch of the UFO.

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as an FB1 – A fly-by of a UFO traveling in a straight line across the sky.

Investigation and Findings: Although the witness provided a sketch of the UFO, which is identical to many drawings found on the Internet, the witness of this investigation failed to respond to all requests for an interview or to provide additional information to clarify the initial report. Moreover, indices checks on the witness’ email account and associated websites indicated strong pareidolia and association with conspiracy groups, the occult and paranormal. The lack of cooperation and misdirection at times from the witness, moreover, lead investigators to close the case as a hoax.

Object Details: Hoax.

12-045-CE3 (North Port, FL)


Synopsis: On 30 Jan 11, at 2200 hours, the witness of this investigation felt a usual weight on the bed. Since the witness’ dog likes to sleep on the bed, the witness assumed that accounted for the weight. However, when the witness called the dog’s name there was no response. The witness became instantly fearful and quickly realized that whatever was on the bed it wasn’t the dog after all. The witness grabbed a cell phone and quickly snapped a picture of an alien entity under the blanket. The next thing the witness remembered was sitting in the living room looking at the picture on the cell phone. The witness could not remember moving from the bedroom to the living room.

Evidence Submitted: A photo of an alleged extraterrestrial.

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as a CE3 – a visual sighting of an extraterrestrial entity. Initial analysis of the photo proved inconclusive.

Investigation and Findings: The investigators made several attempts to interview the witness regarding the photo and to obtain a copy of the original photo for analysis. The witness, however, provided multiple excuses on why the information was not provided to the investigators and soon cut contact with the investigators. Additional indices checks, moreover, indicated the witness attempted to gain media attention regarding the incident. Given that the witness would not provide the original photo for analysis, and attempted to gain media attention, the investigation was closed as unidentified but likely a hoax.

Object Details: Unidentified and leaning towards a hoax.

13-052-FB1 (Location Unknown)


Synopsis: On 06 Jul 2013, witness contacted API and provided a photo of an disk shaped UFO hovering over his home.

Evidence Submitted: Photo.

Initial Action: Case opened as an FB1.

Investigation and Findings: API attempted to contact witness for additional information. However, witness never responded to investigation request. Additionally, photo forensics concluded photo was faked.

Object Details: Hoax