12-021-AN1 (Durham, NC)


Synopsis:  On 23 March 12, at 0122 hours, the witness of this investigation was walking along the street, looked up for a moment, and saw three very bright lights in the sky. According to the witness, the three lights stretched out slowly forming together into one. The lights then broke off and traveled out into the distance and were no longer in the sky.

Evidence Submitted: Photo of a UFO

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as an AN-1, an anomalous object that left no visible sign or traceable evidence. Initial report indicated a possible aircraft from a nearby military base.

Investigation and Findings:  The investigator interviewed the witness of this investigation and was deemed sincere and credible. The witness described the lights as lasers and orbs, but could not capture a good photograph due to the poor quality of the camera on the cell phone. After several interviews with the witness, the investigation then moved forward into researching government, military, and defense industry activities regarding lasers and plasma balls that react much like the lights reported by the witness. While researching Northrop Grumman, who have two facilities in the same area the witness saw the lights, investigators found a video very similar to what the witness provided purportedly recording plasma ball testing by Northrop Grumman. The witness was provided a copy of the video and agreed that the lights in the video was an exact match.  The investigation, therefore, was closed as resolved.

Object Details: The testing of laser technology from Northrop Grumman, a major defense contractor in the Durham, NC area. The company provides space, defense and electronics systems to an array of US government customers. Products include: military aircrafts, satellites for communications, science, weather, surveillance and high-energy lasers.