14-014-AN1 (Philippines)


Remain Anonymous: No

Field Investigation Requested: Yes

Date of Sighting: 18/01/14

Time of Sighting: 9:10 pm

Duration of Event: 20 seconds

Location of UFO: Makati city, Philippines

Shape of Object: Bullet, Fireball, Orb, Star-like

UFO Report: i believe that there is an Alien and UFO every night i look at the sky to see if there is something strange and in the time i look the sky i saw a bullet or a starlike object. the object is not moving in his position. suddenly the object is gradually vanishing… i tried to get a camera or ipad to capture the object but i dont want to lose in my sight… i capture my map in google earth.

Evidence Submitted: Rendering

Disposition: Information Only

14-011-FB1 (Ohio)

Remain Anonymous: Yes

Field Investigation Requested: No

Date of Sighting: 05/21/2012

Time of Sighting: 340 PM

Duration of Event: 2min. approx.

Location of UFO: Warren,Ohio Trumbul County

Shape of Object: Cigar

UFO Report: I was watching a passenger jet flying from the NE going SW. Then I saw the front of what appeared to another jet flying on a intercept course, at the time I could only make out the front of the craft. Thought they were going to collide. I blinked because I didn’t want to see the planes collide. When I looked again the is was not a plane, a very long cigar shape ufo. The passenger jet did not change his flight path at any time while I was watching. The ufo did not have any wings , no sound, no vapor trail. I could see wingtip to wingtip of the jet, the ufo is 3times bigger then the jet.By now I can see the hole thing. Metallic in appearance, as it flew off to the NW. I reported to MUFON on 5/23/2012 Day after report to MUFON. I watched a Lear Jet fly from the south very low in sky very loud whining noise to these jets. Flew over house and turned to the NW same flight path as the ufo, within the hour 4 black attack helicopters flying from the west, turned NW same flight path as ufo. I could see no marking on helicopters and they were flying very low. Later that evening after dark. I watched another large military black jet coming from the south, he went afterburners over my house. very loud wings were sweeping back could see the flames coming out of the 2 jet engines of the jet. Flew the same flight path as the ufo. To this day I cannot find the military jet that I saw. Squared back 2 jet engines. Unknown if it is a fighter or interceptor.

Evidence Submitted: None

Disposition: Information Only

14-010-AN1 (Puerto Rico)


Remain Anonymous: Yes

Field Investigation Requested: No

Date of Sighting: Saturday December 2013

Time of Sighting: 4:20am

Duration of Event: 2 minutes

Location of UFO: Dorado, Puerto Rico

Shape of Object: Diamond

UFO Report: Only rendering provided.

Evidence Submitted: Sketch

Disposition: Witness did not request investigation.

14-009-FB1 (Orlando, FL)

Remain Anonymous: Yes

Date of Sighting: 07/23/2013 

Time of Sighting: 20:30-20:45

Duration of Event: 15 minutes

Location of UFO: Orlando, Florida

Shape of Object: Disk

UFO Report: This disk like shape came into view and started lowering, it hovered about 60ft above ground level with blue flickering lights, it was your stereotypical space ship, it never stayed long before gaining altitude and whizzing off

Evidence Submitted: None

Case Disposition: Information Only.

14-006-CE3 (Scottland)

Date of Sighting: 2011

Time of Sighting: Unk

Duration of Event: Unk

Location of UFO: NA

Shape of Object: NA

UFO Report: I know you believe in aliens.. If I will tell that to someone of my family or friends they will probably think that im crazy… I’m from Poland but I came to live in Scotland with my parents (they are here 10 years) I also have 2 kids. But first summer in Scotland was different then others.. It was in 2011, and that night we were drinking with my parents and their friends… I was drunk but not bad drunk I was just happy drunk 😉 but when I went to bed with my kids…. Something weird happened… I wake up in the middle of the night and I saw alien on bed next to me… It is crazy… Maybe I drink too much… But it was so real… I cannot forget that night… He was in place that my daughter was sleeping, and he was blue and really nice …. First I was afraid but he told me … We were talking without open my mouth, like in my mind… So he told me that my daughter will be fine I dont need to worry, and I can fall asleep again. It was so weird and i was feel like i can trust him… It sounds crazy!!! But i must tell someone about it!!! I fall asleep after his words and when i wake up in the morning my daughter was next to me. But i just can’t forget about it… It was just sooooo real… And i still remember that light blue skin… Big dark eyes… And really long skinny arms and fingers… It was so real, but im not sure.. Maybe it was just a dream… I dont want you to contact with me, or something, im just happy that i could tell that to someone.

Evidence Submitted: None

Case Disposition: Information Only. Investigation not Warranted.

14-002-FB1 (Montana)

Remain Anonymous: Yes

Field Investigation Requested: No

Date of Sighting: est 28 or 29th oct

Time of Sighting: 7-10

Duration of Event: 5 sec

Location of UFO: Helena, MT

Shape of Object: Other (Explain Below)

UFO Report: sorta like a batwing with chem trail and no lights aprox 100 to 200 ft above earth and black headed south over mt helena

Evidence Submitted: None

Disposition: Information Only. No Investigation Warranted

13-137-FB1 (Holts Summit, Missouri)

Date of Sighting: 12-24-13 

Time of Sighting: 12:46am

Duration of Event: 2 minutes

Location of UFO: Holts Summit Missouri 65043

Shape of Object: Other (Explain Below)

UFO Report: Antonio & Team hello; Okay, here is your report, This may be same object I said via Twitter, which I have  seen several times, in Nov-Dec 2010-13, as often, it was at great height, at night hard to estimate but perhaps 5000 ft, travelling west to east dead on, several times as loud as jets at same altitude (actually this is how I know they are coming), this occasion the craft appeared disk like in front with concave back end (in past sightings was grey metallic silver lead color disk and up close in past sighting have seen a ring or row of rectangular windows with figures inside), with red lights on either side (also has a flashing white light below, though this time I did not recall seeing this), this time however it came over ejecting small lights like stars to me (my vision not great require glasses to drive as I cannot read road signs clearly, until right on top of) but, in pictures, which I snapped with my powershot 2500 camera (16mp) they appear as boomerang shape, tiny craft I believe, dropping these about every mile as it crossed the sky above me.  It went behind my roofline out of sight at 12:48am (noted time when came back inside).  Please note, I have seen this craft, MANY times over the years since it landed, I believe, from the sound when it took off, on my apartment roof in 2010.  Regarding the pictures, I have 4 good ones of the items dropped, for some reason ‘mother craft’ was not visible in the shots of it, and the video I attempted to take of it ( thus my reason for switching over to taking single shots).  I believe, it will be back on either New Years eve, or the few days following, as it has been every year at that time (though it never arrived so early before, so perhaps this will be the only visit??).   As I have said, I have seen this UFO many times, I think my number of visits, indicates they have so s interest in this area, perhaps in me personally…  Oh and would attach pics but, have no clue how to get those from camera to my ipad, new ar this.

13-128-AN1 (Somerset, England)

photoDate of Sighting: 03/12/2013

Time of Sighting: 1806

Duration of Event: 7 -8 seconds

Location of UFO: North Petherton, Somerset, England

Shape of Object: Triangle

UFO Report: Driving back from work, down the high street, (6pm was very dark)  i witness the outline of a triangle, with white/pink lights on each corner ahead of me in the sky. I watched the object for about 4 seconds flat side facing me (as per attached photo / which i took of the location of the sighting, the morning on next day, so i could document the size and location, then used a marker to draw on the photo what i witnessed, then re-shot it/) then as i moved up the road i witness it bank towards Taunton for a few more seconds, before it disappeared out of view.

Evidence Submitted: Sketch

Investigative Status: Case assigned to UK Branch

Object Details: TBD

13-126-AN1 (Chatham, Va)


Date of Sighting: 3-7-2007

Time of Sighting: 10 am

Duration of Event: not sure

Location of UFO: Chatham, Va 24531

Shape of Object: Disk

UFO Report: I truly don’t remember very much about taking the pictures. After having a log truck unloaded i pulled over on the roadside and noticed the vehicle. I grabbed my camera and took this picture ( 5 in all ) but didn’t realize i had them till a few days later. I was scared for a while and i don’t scare easily, I’m still not sure how i feel about taking them.

Evidence Submitted: Photo

Investigative Status: Information Only

Object Details: Unresolved

13-124-AN1 (Cramlington England)

Date of Sighting: July Aug 2010

Time of Sighting: Around 9-9:30 ish

Duration of Event: 6-7 seconds

Location of UFO: Cramlington England

Shape of Object: Orb

UFO Report: In 2010 July or August I seen something i’ll NEVER EVER Forget, I had my dog out and the sky was as clear and beautiful as anything I’d been out for about 30-40 mins and I was standing for Ages looking up at the stars they were looking amazing not a cloud in the sky I seen something travelling at high speed with no sound and Height it was looked the height of the stars and was so so high so the size of a star but just a little bigger is exactly what I seen and If it was a plane it wouldn’t be that bright plus it DEFINITELY WOULD NOT BE ONE BRIGHT LIGHT!!!!! also would take a hell of a lot longer to travel at that Height that it was a with the speed it was travelling! It was also not possible for it to change angle like it done and no human would have survived changing angles From what I witnessed it is not possible .

Evidence Submitted: None

Investigative Status: Case assigned to UK investigator