Witness FAQ

What should I do if I see a UFO?

  1. If you believe you may have been injured, seek medical help immediately.
  2. Locate any other witnesses and get their contact information, but do not discuss the details of the sighting with them. Encourage them to file their report at reportaufo.org or call 240 233 1253.
  3. Secure any physical evidence to the best of your ability. Small items should be bagged and tagged if possible. Chain of custody is very important, so dates, time, names, and places should be recorded. Take photographs.
  4. If you have photographs or video, you can make your own copy, but the best approach is to remove the flash memory from the camera (if possible), bag and tag it, and lock it up. Even if you can’t do this, please supply us the unaltered image or video file straight from the camera.
  5. Make a sketch of what you saw, and how it moved or changed. Make as many sketches as possibly to illustrate what happened. You do not need to be a talented artist.
  6. Write down everything you can remember. Facts are important: dates, times, locations, directions, weather conditions, etc.
  7. Go to reportaufo.org and let us know what you experienced.

I clicked “No” on “Contact you for an investigation.” Can I change my mind?

The short answer is yes. If you clicked “No” we will not contact you. The report is for information only, but you can change your mind.

You have a couple of options if you decide you would like us to investigate your case.

  1. You can re-report your case, and check “yes”. Please be sure to tell us that this is a re-report.
  2. Use our Contact Form. and tell us you would like us to investigate
  3. Call 240 233-1253 and let us know.

I feel distressed or traumatized by my experience. Can you help me?

All API can do is help you learn the facts about your experience, and possibly help you explain some or all of what you saw. We will listen to your story without judgement, but emotional and mental distress is best treated by trained professionals. We recommend you seek out a therapist with a legitimate doctoral degree in psychology, and avoid hypnotherapists.

Do you charge a fee for investigating cases?

No. We will never ask you for money to investigate your case. Be highly suspicious of anyone who does want you to pay anything whatever for them to investigate your case.

Will you sell the rights to my story?

No. We can’t do that anyway. We are a non-profit and do not solicit such offers, but if someone contacts us offering to buy your story, we will pass that offer on to you. If you want to proceed with selling your story, we recommend you retain someone (an entertainment lawyer, for example) experienced in that sort of transaction.

Will you sell my case file?

No. We may share your case file with specifically vetted organizations in order to further the investigation, but we will not sell it. If we do share it, it will be with your knowledge and consent.

Will you pay me for my photos/videos or other evidence?

No, unless we have specifically offered a bounty, and then only after we have completed an investigation of all the evidence. We have no bounty offers outstanding at present.

Should I report to you something I saw on YouTube or Television?

Only if you are personally in contact with a principal witness, who is willing to work with us. Otherwise, no.

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