11-006-MA1 (Hoboken, NJ)


Synopsis: On 18 Sep 11, while observing a jetliner flying over Hoboken, NJ, the witness of this investigation spotted a bright white object that appeared motionless. The object was directly above the witness at a high altitude above the clouds.  The witness observed the object for about three minutes to see if it was stationary by comparing it to the adjacent building. Using a Canon digital camera and a tripod, the witness took 12 consecutive photos of the UFO until it completely moved behind the cloud coverage.

Evidence Submitted: 12 Photos of the UFO.

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as an MA1, a visual sighting of a UFO that traveled in a discontinuous trajectory, such as loops, quick turns, or vast changes in altitude. A preliminary analysis of the photo indicated balloons.

Investigation and Findings: The investigators interviewed the witness of this investigation multiple times. The investigators, moreover, researched military high-altitude “persistence surveillance” balloons and blimps as the primary object. According to research, the Lakehurst to Picatinny, NJ corridor is home to an array of classified defense contractors competing for Department of Defense aerial surveillance drones and blimps. Moreover, according to open source documents, there are several defense contractors at Lakehurst testing high-altitude inflatable drones. However, all investigative efforts were exhausted and it appears the object is nothing more than helium party balloons.

Object Details: Balloons.

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