11-007-CE3 (La Plata, MD)


Synopsis: On 02 Nov 11, at approximately 1820, the witness of this investigation reported seeing a medium-sized metallic UFO in the woods. According to the witness, there were three “human-like aliens near the UFO”. The aliens were described as grey, had big heads, wore cushioned shoes, and were using a laser to cut “a heart” from an unidentified animal. When the witness walked towards the aliens, the aliens returned to the UFO, which lifted into the air and “disintegrated into tiny bits”. According to the witness, moreover, the UFO was silver in color, had red blinking lights, and was shaped like a deep-dish pizza.

Evidence Submitted: A sketch of the UFO.

Initial Action: This UFO case was opened as a CE3 – a visual sighting of a UFO with entities aboard.

Investigation and Findings: The witness’ report was written with many misspellings and grammar errors, which lead investigators to believe a child submitted the UFO report. The lead investigator contacted the La Plata Mayor and Chief of Police for any information regarding this report. According to the Chief of Police, a Search and Rescue helicopter was in the area at about the same time of this event and was searching for a missing person. On the same day, moreover, the Charles Country Sheriff’s Department and the Maryland Natural Resources Police found the body of a 52-year old woman only 5.9 miles from the purported UFO sighting. When the witness finally responded to an interview request, the witness admitted the event was a hoax. The investigation was closed as such.

Object Details: Hoax

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