13-009-AN1 (El Paso, TX)


Synopsis: On 02 April 2011, exact time not yet determined, a group of kids used a video camera to record four unidentified objects in the sky.

Evidence Submitted: Original photo and video.

Initial Action: Case opened as an AN1.

Investigation and Findings:  Case was opened on 26 Jan 2013; Initial analysis of the witness’s video strongly suggested the UFOs were contrails highlighted by sunlight during sunset. During the investigation, the lead investigator found over 12 videos and 20 photos of known aircraft emitting contrails during a sunset. The videos and photo were nearly an identical match to the video the witness provided. Moreover, research was completed regarding the angles at with these contrails were heading. Although the contrails appear to be moving in a downward movement, they are in fact moving along the horizon. The appearance of the contrails moving in a downward movement is only an optical illusion.

Object Details: Man-made objects.

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Interim Director Aerial Phenomenon Investigations
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